Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats


Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats


Buy Some Chickens

One of the easiest ways to ensure you start earning an income is by purchasing a chicken. Chickens are easy to breed; all you need to do is place an egg in the incubator. They can graze outside if you ring the bell, which limits how much food you will need to by for them a year. On top of that, your first chicken is only 1,500 gold, which is a pretty low price for animals that can multiple after three days.

Limit Farming

While your first instinct may be to till you whole field in preparation for crops, this won’t work in your first few seasons. Your stamina is incredibly limited, and stamina medicine is pretty expensive at the start of the game. You will also quickly learn how much watering your crops one by one can take up your day. Try to make no more than nine crop squares to start off with.

Make Upgrades a Priority

One way to quickly raise your energy is by getting some copper and silver ore from the mines. These can be found on the first few levels, and an upgrade only takes a single ore. The first few upgrades are also incredibly cheap, but you will have to go a day without the tool. One of the best moves you can is to check the game’s weather for a rainy day to feel this gap.






Feed Your Animals Outside

As mentioned with the chickens, you can feed your animals outside, and this includes cows, alpacas, and rabbits. By ringing the bell outside of your coop and barn, the animals will come out to graze on non-rainy days. At 8 pm each night, the bells will automatically ring again to bring them outside.

As an added bonus, not feeding your animals in this game won’t make them sick, but they won’t produce milk, eggs, or wool.

Check Your TV

The TV in your house is a great tool that you should get used to using. Every channel can help you out in the game, especially the weather channel that can help you better plan out your days. The Education channel can give you tips, and, on certain days, the entertainment channel will give you recipes. Additionally, the news channel will remind you about upcoming festivals.

Get A Bigger Bag

Your inventory and tools space is incredibly limited at the begging of the game. To fix this, you simply need to gather 3000 gold and take a trip up to the general store to unlock the second row of items slots. This is a huge help if you love to forge or go into the mines. After the first upgrade, a final one will become available for 10,000 gold.