Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Cheats


Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Cheats


Pay Attention To The Tutorial

After you’ve created your Soldier, the game will drop you into a training session to learn the basics. While you can always access the training mode to continue perfecting your skills, it’s important to pay attention to the initial session. Final Fantasy 7: The First Solder does a tremendous job explaining how each attack works, how to loot items, and basically, how to win.

The other main benefit of utilizing the initial training course is you’ll be by yourself. Once you hop back into the training mode, you’ll have to deal with other players wanting to brush up on their skills. While you can’t die in the training session, other players can attack you and simply cause a ruckus in the area.


Before you skydive into Midgar, you’ll need to choose a class. There are five classes in Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier that will influence the way you play. The classes come more into effect if you’re playing with other people because you’d want to coordinate complimentary classes with your teammates, instead of everyone playing as the same class.

  • Fearless Charge: Increases the distance that you can target with a melee attack and creates a barrier when you attack the target while moving or when you use the Rush ability.
  • Rush: Grants the ability to move rapidly in the direction you are facing.
  • Survivor’s Spoils: Recovers HP if you defeat an enemy candidate with a melee attack.
  • Inner Strength: Automatically recovers a portion of the damage received. Also, once a match, when reduced to 20 percent HP or less, a recovery effect will activate and all of your melee attacks will become critical hits for a short time.
  • Manawall: Creates a defense barrier in front of you that blocks damage for a small amount of time or until the barrier takes a certain amount of damage.
  • Leech Fists: A portion of the damage dealt using a melee attack is absorbed as HP.
  • Acrobat: Allows you to jump again midjump or after falling from parkour.
  • Hide: Makes you invisible for a short time. While this effect is active, you cannot perform actions such as attacking and using items.
  • Retreat: Increases your movement speed for a short amount of time when you receive damage.
  • Magic Boost: Upgrading your melee weapon increases the damage dealt by Materia, and the effects of Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder are augmented. MP recovers faster.
  • Arcane Field: Creates a field that increases MP recovery speed and cooldown speed for a short time.
  • Precise Casting: Chance at a critical hit that inflicts increased damage when attacking with Materia.
  • Ammunitions Expert: Increases inventory for ammo and the amount of ammo you find. Reload time is decreased by 20 percent.
  • Assess: Marks nearby candidates, monsters, Blizzard effects, and Gravity effects on the map.
  • Sniper’s Eye: When you have your scope trained on an enemy candidate for a short amount of time, or if you inflict damage, a marker is attached to the enemy candidate.






Each class can be further upgraded based on your performance in matches in the Mastery section. By completing challenges and earning experience points, you can unlock class-specific cosmetic items and a special currency used to unlock different abilities and skills for each class. So, if you aren’t too fond of the starting abilities and skills for a certain class, there might be something more appealing to you that’s just locked.

Helicopter Control

Unlike most battle royale games, Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier launches each player into Midgar on their own personal helicopter. Not only can you customize how your helicopter looks, but this also means you have full control to choose which area of the map you’d like to land. Instead of trying to “fly” your way to certain points of interest, simply direct the helicopter to where you want to go.

When first starting out, we recommend sticking to the outskirts of Midgar. That means areas like the Sector 5 Station, Church, House with Greenery, and Colosseum should be safer to land than areas like Corneo’s Mansion or Sector 7 Undercity. The helicopter will begin its route randomly, so be sure to have a few drop locations in mind depending on where the helicopter starts flying into Midgar.