Heavenly Bodies Cheats and Tips


Heavenly Bodies Cheats and Tips


Choose your movement style

We’ve designed multiple ‘movement styles’ in Heavenly Bodies that present different ways for moving your character. Each offers a different challenge level, and we encourage you to find the one that works for you.

Classic: This default style provides a good combination of challenge and fun. You’ll need to keep a firm grip to move around effectively, but we’ve made some exceptions to physical realism which make it easier to spin and ‘swim’ through the air by swinging your arms.

Assisted: For players who may appreciate some ease of motion. Simply pointing your hands in the direction you want to travel will effortlessly move the character along. It’s fun… and rather liberating.

Newtonian: The ‘physically accurate’ style for those seeking the full zero gravity experience. None of this ‘space swimming’ nonsense. Every action has a punishingly equal and opposite reaction.





Hold on!

The best way to get the job done is by using your hands. Keeping a firm grip on solid surfaces will help you push and pull your body around and will give you the leverage you need when flicking switches or using tools.  

Consult the manual

When in doubt, the Operations Manual will give you the need-to-knows. Check it out during missions for your next objectives and for key details you won’t want to miss. Plus, it just looks nice.

Keep the camera aligned

There’s no ‘up’ in space, but you’ll know when you’re upside-down. If you ever find yourself topsy-turvy, hit square to realign the camera with your cosmonaut.

Try Grab Toggle and other control options

Weightlessness can be taxing on the body, and for extended space missions it’s not unreasonable for fatigue to set in. If you find grabbing/holding too strenuous, try enabling the Grab Toggle option. This will make the grabbing action toggle on and off, as opposed to having to hold it down. This can also be handy when moving objects over a long distance.

There are plenty of options to explore in the controls menu, and we encourage you to tune them to find the configuration that works best for you.