Halo Infinite Cheats and Tips


Halo Infinite Cheats and Tips


Keep An Eye Out For Weapon Racks

You’ll usually start a match with the MA40 AR and the Sidekick pistol, but as soon as you start a match, you can quickly find new guns to swap these out. Primarily, these weapons are found attached to racks on walls, and you can just pluck them from there. Guns don’t appear immediately on racks once they’ve been grabbed, though–they’ll take a while to respawn, and you can tell how long you have to wait from a blue meter at the top of the rack when you approach it.

Stronger guns, Halo Infinite’s power weapons, will spawn at specific places scattered around the map. You’ll usually see these marked with yellow icons that’ll tell you when the next one is due, and you want to work to nab these guns as often as possible. A rocket launcher or Gravity Hammer in the right hands at the right time can swing a match in your favor–or against you–so make it a priority to control them.

Use The Right Grenade For The Job (Halo Infinite Cheats and Tips)

Halo Infinite has four different kinds of grenades, and in most matches, you can carry four grenades in total–two of one type and two of another. You can switch between your carried grenade types by hitting left on the D-pad on controller or the N key on keyboard. Make a mental note of where each type of grenade appears on the map so you can snag them when you need them. You always want as many grenades as you can carry, as grenades are a great way to either open a fight with an enemy or finish it.

The four types of grenades mean that they each have different use cases, however, so try to grab the one you need for what you expect to face. Frag grenades, the default, are solid anti-personnel explosives that are good at either knocking out an enemy shield or finishing off a weakened enemy, but their blast radiuses are only decent, and you’ll often find that players survive them fairly easily, so huck these with abandon while you’re shooting. Plasma grenades are blue and have smaller explosions, but they’re sticky–land one on a player and it’s a guaranteed kill, and they’re effective for bringing down vehicles. Dynamo grenades bounce around on the ground, dealing electrical damage to the area around them over time, which makes them great for closing off or clearing a specific area. Players who stand near them for a prolonged period can also be killed by one, and they can shut down vehicles. Finally, Spike grenades are designed for hurting infantry in enclosed, interior spaces. They do a little less damage than frags, but will stick to walls and shoot out spikes that will ricochet around walls to hit opponents again and again.

Seek Out And Use Equipment (Halo Infinite Cheats and Tips)

In addition to guns and grenades, you’ll also find deployable equipment scattered around the battlefield, which are plastic containers marked with yellow lights. These include a grapple hook, deployable cover, a recon sensor that highlights enemies, a thruster that gives you a short-range dash, and a repulsor that can bounce things away from you. They’re similar to the armor abilities in past Halo games, and each has very specific use cases. The repulsor, for instance, can stop vehicles cold when they’d normally run you over, or send enemies and grenades back when they get too close. The deployable cover gives you a shield you can shoot through but that will stop incoming bullets (if briefly), and the dash lets you quickly move in any direction. You should give all the equipment a try and make sure you always have something equipped–equipment has limited uses, but in the right circumstances, it can save your life.

There are also two kinds of equipment that rank in the same tier as power weapons: the Active Camo and the Overshield. These are highlighted like power weapons on your HUD and usually spawn in the center of the map. You want to grab these as soon as they’re available, just like power weapons, because they give a big advantage–the Overshield doubles your shield capacity to make you much harder to kill (although it won’t recharge like your normal shield) and the Active Camo renders you all but invisible for a brief period. Grab these, or at the very least, keep them out of the hands of the other team.

Rely On Your AI Scanner

A little-known feature in Infinite’s multiplayer is the AI scan option. Hit the button for it (Z on keyboard, down D-pad on controller) and you’ll send out a scanning pulse around you that can help you identify things on the map. The AI scan will highlight points of interest on your HUD, like weapon racks and empty vehicles. If you’re desperate for a gun but don’t know where to find one, use your scanner to help point you toward what you need. It won’t show you where players are (use the Threat Sensor equipment for that), but it will highlight everything else that’s interactable–including launch pads.

Vehicles Will Help You Dominate

Like Power weapons, vehicles are essential to winning a lot of matches in Halo Infinite. They give you a ton of extra mobility and, oftentimes, firepower; you can use the vehicles themselves as weapons or to get out of a tough spot, and their mounted guns generally cut through Spartans without much trouble. Don’t leave vehicles to rust on the field or, worse, to get snagged by the other team–use them to your advantage.

Even if you’re not an especially effective killer while driving or riding, any vehicle can help you quickly cross the battlefield, draw enemy attention, and create a little chaos; you can even take them onto launch pads to send them flying. A Warthog, Mongoose, or Ghost harassing a group of Spartans means your allies on foot have a better chance of killing them while they’re looking at you. Just be sure not to run over your teammates.