Pikmin Bloom Cheats and Tips


Pikmin Bloom Cheats and Tips


Getting Started In Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is a simple game, and for the most part, you will quickly be given the tools you need to start growing your Pikmin army. The gameplay cycle is actually quite simple:

  • You plant Pikmin in your backpack.
  • You walk around until they are fully grown.
  • You pull them out and interact with them.
  • They bring you another sprout to grow.

The best way to play is by setting the game to read your footsteps as you go to work or exercise. You will need to check in periodically to collect the new items that your Pikmin bring back to you so that you can keep growing more. You will also gain levels the more you walk, and the more flowers you plant, the more waypoints will spawn, allowing your Pikmin to grow even faster.

  • Quick Tip: There is also a place to add a picture or a journal entry in your step calendar.

There are several different types of items in Pikmin Bloom, like the nectar that you feed to your Pikmin to collect petals. You can buy most items with in-game coins, and many of the purchasable items allow you to grow more plants at a time.

There are also cash purchases to buy storage increases and large chunks of coins. You do get a coin every time you plant 500 flowers, but this tops out at 30 coins a day.





How To Expand Your Pikmin Army

To expand how many Pikmin you can have and gain access to the different color variations, you will need to level up. Each level increases the amount of Pikmin you can have by one. The game has a max level cap of 60, with all the current features unlocking by the time you hit level 19. Expanding your army will let you take on the game’s raids, and there is a multiplayer aspect where you can add friends or team up with nearby players to complete the larger raids.

The Pikmin also have friendships levels that can be raised by feeding them nectar. Nectar will be gathered from the fruit your Pikmin find; the more Pikmin you have on your team, the more nectar you will collect. When you unlock challenges, later on, friendship levels will help you win easier.