Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Cheats


Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Cheats


Touchscreen > Button controls

If you are playing on your own or perhaps playing two player with a friend, opt to play in touchscreen/tabletop mode rather than with button controls. Reaction time is a lot quicker with touchscreen as button controls can be sluggish, especially if you have to use the joystick as well.

If in doubt, wait it out

Guessing correctly in an activity will earn you points but making a mistake will cost you points. If you reach a particularly tough stage in an activity and already have a reasonable high score, rather than risk making a mistake, just wait for the timer to run out. You won’t be castigated for not responding so it is better to be safe than sorry.





Get More Coins

When you play any of the activities in the game, you can earn coins. When you have accumulated ten coins, you will be rewarded with a customization item for your avatar, be it clothes, hats, glasses, etc. All activities will give you one coin for doing an activity and will give you more if you get more than 600, 800, of 1000 points in an activity. You can also earn 10 coins if you take a test once a day (5 per test + 5 bonus coins).

Practice makes perfect

If you are medal hunting or trying to get the best high score you can, just keep playing the same activity over and over. If you make a mistake, simply press + and try again. While the order of each exercise is random, you may see similar exercises that you have answered on previous occasions. After multiple attempts, you may just get a run with several exercises that you remember from before. This is your chance to get that high score/ medal you are after.

Super Practice Mode

Super Practice Mode is a more challenging game mode that is unlocked after getting a gold medal in all practice activities. It is exactly the same as Practice mode with all the same activities. The difference is that the activities start from advanced class exercise instead of sprout class.

Platinum Lobe Medals

Earning points in each activity can reward you with Lobe medals depending on your final score. There are three tiers for silver and gold medals and then there is the coveted Platinum Lobe Medal. To get this medal in an activity, you will need to get 1,000 points or higher.