Beyond A Steel Sky Cheats and Tips


Beyond A Steel Sky Cheats and Tips


General Tips

You’re playing as Robert Foster. Approach the woman (Ember) and the dead body, startling her and causing a gang-gang bird to fly off with her device.

Use the slice of pie with the birds to get them to leave. Then examine the body.

Once at the city’s gates, talk to everyone you see. Get information from the truck driver, Wendell. He needs a power cell. He also tells you how to open the back of the truck: bumper wallop, do a jig, then pull hard.

Fix the bollard for the diagnostician (Hobbsworth) and he’ll give you a credit (Qdos) if you have your chip implanted.

Talk to the boy, Pixel. Help him fix the roundabout by breaking the chain with your crowbar. Then push him on the roundabout twice. Then ask him about his brother, Voxel. He’ll tell you to find him in middle of the garden.

Find Voxel’s hideout in the garden and ask him about the monster. He’ll eventually give you a firecracker.

If you don’t have your chip implanted yet, find the immigration desk and scan your hand to have it implanted.

You can now use the vending machine and get a soda. Hobbsworth will also give you a Qdos (credit) if you talk to him again.

Use the firecracker to scare away the gang-gangs behind the truck.

Use the door ritual — hit bumper, jig, pull — to open the back of the truck and get some Mini-K sausages.

Notice the fake waterfall with an electric fence behind it. Use the sausage to lure Big Steve the bird to the waterfall. He’ll fly into it and drop Ember’s device. Pick it up.

Offer Ember the device if she downloads the dead guy’s (Graham) info onto your chip. She agrees, so follow her to her workbench and get it done.

Open Hobbsworth’s hut door and go inside to get his MINOS hand scanner. (Apparently you’re supposed to also be able to grab the half sandwich from the fridge for Voxel, but it wasn’t interactive for me. I think it’s a bug, but you can progress without it. You just might miss out on some extra dialogue options.)

Notice the bridge controls won’t work with Graham’s ID. So talk to Ember again and offer her the android finger in exchange for hacking the MINOS scanner. Now you can hack certain machines!

Follow Ember and learn how to hack the vending machine so it won’t refuse you soda (it will anyway).

Hack the bridge controls to let you cross the bridge and then do so.

Avoid the eyes that want to kill you. Talk to the robot running back and forth and learn that he has a power cell that could power the truck.

On the left side, hack the fan and the conveyor belt so the belt moves fast. Then wait for the robot to get in front of it and get pulled up by a giant magnet. Then take his power cell.

Head back to the truck and offer the power cell to the truck driver in exchange for a ride into the city. He’ll agree and drive you in.

Hack the Spankles machine so it will let you attack it with the crowbar without the alarm going off. This seems to be just for fun.

Get your firmware updated at the Safety Services desk.

Head up to Graham’s apartment and get dragged inside by his robot butler, Chipworth.

Explore Graham’s apartment to get as much info as you can on him. Make sure to read everything on the computer in his bedroom — especially his Qdos history on the upper lefthand corner of the screen. In the bathroom, get a health scan. Also, make sure to close the toilet seat so you notice the footprint on it. Then climb up to see a box taped outside the window. We’ll work on getting that later. The game should tell you when you’ve learned everything you can about Graham.

Pass the interview with Mentor Alonso from the Ministry of Wellbeing. I messed up a few questions, but here’s how to answer them correctly. If you mess up, Songbird will be uninvited to the Aspiration Gala, which is what happened to me.

Q: Which ministry are you employed with?
A: Comfort

Q: I trust that your health rating is suffiecient?
A: A+

Q: Your Qdos levels dropped to C+ but used to be higher. What were they?
A: B

Q: Tell me about your workplace.
A: Train Depot

Q: Tell me about your implants – are they working effectively?
A: Heart

Q: Hobbies?
A: Photography

I then asked Chipworth the butler to open the windows, but stopped before seeing if it worked.

Had a long conversation with Graham’s wife, Songbird. Learned about Leet and the missing stuffed toy (Bartleby) from her.

Activated the Mama Bear toy tracker.

Had Chipworth open the windows while I went into the bathroom to fetch the box that Graham hid. Open it to get a cracked hololens and a photograph.

Hacked the Mama Bear tracker with the Bonsai hologram to get the Bartleby’s location to show as a hologram. Learned that it’s at a location labeled E1594. Asked Chipworth and Songbird about it but didn’t learn much other than that it’s an old area code.

Head back downstairs to find that weird woman up on the roof, scared and unsure how to get down.

Hack the cleaning robot to send it outside.

Hack the laundromat with the water filling station to empty the water filling station.

Go outside and hack the sprinkler system with the water filling station to empty the water filling station.

Now the robot will stop spraying the woman on the roof, Raquel. Talk to her and tell her to use the cleaning robot to get down.

After learning what you can from the dapper butler, Tarquin, and Orana the woman from the Ministry of Wellbeing, take a pod back to the Piazza.

I checked out the cafe, but just for fun. Also hacked the soundtrack.

Went into the museum. Talked to the father and daughter. Made a deal with the daughter to give me her Aspiration Brooch if I could get her father to leave the museum.

This part took me a lot longer than it should have to figure out, so I apologize. But I was also just chilling and having fun with all the hacking. Anyway, go around the room with your hacking device open. First, find the exhibit that has the the ENTICING emotion. Then, hack it together with the CRY-R robot that’s running around in circles by Joey’s Arm. Next, hack Joey’s Arm with the CRY-R robot and move the ENTICING emotion to Joey’s Arm. It will motion to the father to come over and he’ll abide.

Next, find the exhibit with the AGGRESSIVE emotion. Do the same thing with it — move it over to the CRY-R and then to Joey’s Arm. Joey’s Arm will hit the father and scare him off. Now you can get the brooch from the daughter.

At the very end of the video, I entered the Old History Room.