Super Impossible Road Cheats and Tips


Super Impossible Road Cheats and Tips


Choose a good Vessel

Super Impossible Road allows you to customise your vessel before heading out to the track. You can choose which wheel, cap and core you want. By selecting a unique combination of the three, you’ll be able to form a vessel that has a solid mixture of attributes. 

Steering, Air Control, Boost Capacity, Recharge Rate, and Bounce Damping make up all of the skills. You can also, of course, set things up to where you have one skill maxed out or close to it. This will strengthen that particular area of your game, and could be good if you’re struggling with it. 

Test out different builds and see which style suits you best. By getting comfortable with your ball, you’ll have a greater chance of success. So tweak away, get creative and have fun.






Practice makes perfect

OK, so this goes without saying but it’s a good idea to work on your driving abilities before taking part in races. There are three great ways to get your warm-ups in and perfect your skills. One way is by participating in the Daily Track, where the goal is to try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

You’ll be competing with scores from players around the world, so an online connection is required for this mode. But it’s great for practice because it’s just you, the track and a timer and you can replay it multiple times. And if you fall off track, you’ll just respawn and march on. It’s a fun, simple mode that is perfect for practice.

Two other modes that will work nicely for this are Time Gate and Survival. The former is a the opposite of the Daily Track is. Instead of reaching the finish line as fast as possible, your goal here is to score as many points as you can before time is up. This mode is obviously a great way to put your scoring skills to the test. It will also test your ability to make smart decisions on the track (stay on course or jump?). 

Survival has a bit more added pressure to it. Here, it’s all about staying on the track at all costs. If you fall off once, then you’re finished. You just need to get as far as you can without falling. This is exactly how the original Impossible Road plays out, as there no respawns. This is an awesome way to practice your steering ability while attempting to stay on course. 

Use boosts at the correct times

Having the turbo boost is a nice treat, especially since the previous game did not include this. It can make you or break you though if you aren’t careful. It can be tricky to use with each track having so many different twists and turns. 

Whenever there’s a straight path, then that’s a good time to utilize the boost. However, you wouldn’t be able to use all of the juice at one time more than likely because the turns come at you quick. Another solid way of taking advantage of boosts is by using it on jumps. 

This is a timing thing as well, but can come in handy. If you go for a jump, and the point you’re trying to reach seems pretty far, then you can use the boost to get you to your destination. If you don’t use it otherwise, then you might be respawned. But if you time things right, you’ll be a jumping/boosting pro.