Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Cheats and Tips


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Cheats and Tips


Assess Everything

Given the dynamic battle system of Final Fantasy 7 Remake combining elements of the ATB system and real-time elements from series like Kingdom Hearts, it can be difficult to figure out enemy weaknesses. A foe’s Achilles heel often goes deeper than just figuring out its elemental vulnerability.

By using the Assess ability earned through equipping the Assess Materia, Yuffie can easily learn an enemy’s attack patterns and quickly find out the best way to counter their moves. After learning the trick to a combatant’s strategy, a once almost impossible enemy becomes significantly more manageable or even a cakewalk.

Keep Your Distance

Yuffie uses a giant shuriken as her main weapon. The player has two main attack moves; close-range attacks and a throw. If an enemy packs a punch and lacks any significant long-range attacks, it is best advised to throw the shuriken at it.

The weapon then floats around the enemy and deals damage over time until it returns to Yuffie. During this time, Yuffie can still attack with the square button, dealing even more damage. Keeping a distance also helps get a better view of the battlefield and see what moves enemies are going to use, providing more time to block or counter.






Use Sonon’s Abilities

Shortly into the campaign, Sonon Kusakabe joins Yuffie. Players are unable to directly control him but they can still issue commands and use his charged-up ATB bars.

Be sure to always utilize Sonon’s unique weapon abilities. It can be easy to forget about them and just focus on Yuffie, but this would be a huge mistake. Any period Sonon has a full gauge is wasted time. It does not cost MP, so there is no reason not to utilize these abilities constantly.

Focus On Staggering Opponents

When it comes to enemies who are not taken out with just a few hits, the player is generally going to want to focus on staggering opponents as quickly as possible. The Assess ability generally points out moves and strategies that quickly fill up the Stagger gauge.

Once an enemy is staggered, they are significantly more vulnerable. Many boss strategies revolve around staggering them. Save up Yuffie’s biggest attacks and the Limit Breaks for when the boss is staggered and they will be mincemeat in no time.

Get Used To Blocking

Especially in the early hours of the DLC, certain enemies can take out huge chunks of Yuffie’s health in just a moment. To best protect against this, it is recommended to get used to guarding with the R1 button.

Some moves can even be blocked entirely with Yuffie’s guard up. If a certain boss or enemy is quickly causing a game over, paying attention to guarding against attacks often significantly tips the balance of the scales in Yuffie’s favor.