Terminator Resistance Annihilation Line Cheats

Terminator Resistance Annihilation Line Cheats


Detailed walkthrough of the first plot addition “Cleansing Frontier” for the first-person shooter Terminator Resistance

Clearing Frontier is the first story expansion for Terminator Resistance, which takes you to a completely new location. Contains new weapons and Terminators that have never appeared in any of the games in the franchise. You do not need to complete the main storyline to start the Clearing Frontier. Right in the main menu will appear the item “New campaign” Cleansing line “.





Echoes of the past

You will be taken to Reseda High School, where you will control Jacob, who is talking on a walkie-talkie with his father. Take the only route. As you follow through the 3 classrooms to the row, look at the filing cabinet at the very end. There is a note on the shelf “Suspicious Children . ” Keep driving until you find the chemicals, and later, Jacob’s father, Frank. There is a concrete slab in the far right corner of the search area that says Here Lies History. Interact with her to watch the video.

Let me remind you that conventional firearms are effective against scales and scout spiders, but extremely useless in the fight against the terminators. Use only plasma weapons against them.

After the video, falling into the room below, wait for the T-600 to knock down the door and then leave. Follow him, hiding behind the boxes. Go to the room behind the corridor and stand behind the boxes on the right. Look through the hole at the other Terminator. Take a moment and run past it. The exit door is on the far right side of the room. Keep hiding. Hide behind the boxes on the left along the corridor and wait for the Terminator to walk past you in the opposite direction. Go upstairs and follow the marker to get out of the building into the school yard with buses. Here you can continue to move slowly, hiding behind the cars, or you can try to run through the parking lot, ignoring all the Terminators. Go through the tunnel, waiting for the enemies moving on top, and go inside the sewer. Watch the video.

Rapid reconnaissance

You can pick up Ryan’s Letter from the boxes in Jennifer’s garage. Also, do not forget to open the “Skills” menu and invest the available ability points. Go to Kyle Reese and Beyron to hear about the mission. We need to go to Northridge Outpost. After the video, distribute skill points. A total of 12 skill points will be available to you, including those that you received after completing the first task. I recommend investing in enhancing weapons, pumping, breaking terminals and picking locks. Then talk to Beyron again. You can chat with Kyle. Then interact with the wooden box and buy whatever you see fit. You will need a sticky bomb to destroy cracked walls.

Plasma weapons, a rifle, a shotgun, knives for stealthy destruction of terminators, a submachine gun and a regular pistol are available to you. Decide for yourself. Open the gate to leave the camp and travel to Northridge.

Upon arrival, kill all Terminators and the flying drones that appear. Take your time to go forward. Search the remains of cars to collect resources, and also enter the store on the right. There is an opening with planks inside. Break them down. You can shoot from a weapon or attack in melee, through the F key. In the back room there are resources and a book of skills. Taking it, you will automatically receive 1 skill points. Go to the territory of the outpost and fight with new targets, among which there will be an armored spider. First, it is best to destroy the flying drones and T600, and then stand behind the car on the left and shoot at the armored spider through the windows. He can’t even hit you. There is a supply box on the right.

Before following your partners, you can search the shops and boutiques on the first and second floor. On the left, on the first level, there is a garage with a workbench. If you have invested in craft, then you can spend the collected resources on the manufacture of useful items. Find the lockpicks and break open the boxes. This requires the “Pick Locks” skill, which is divided into three levels. The first level allows you to pick ordinary locks, the second – medium, the third – heavy. Rotate the pick and click on the LMB to check its location. You need to rotate the lock 90 degrees. The higher the level of “Pick Pick”, the higher the probability of a quick pick. For example, at maximum pumping, there is an 85% chance that you will automatically pick the lock. In the laundry room on the ground floor, on the right, there is a note “Try our luck?”… It says that the rifle is hidden in the elevator shaft. Also to the left of the escalator, on the shelves outside the bar, you can find a Remington shotgun.

Go to your friends, who will open the door and leave to the left. But take your time. There is an elevator ahead. Go inside, jump up and in the air pick up the RG01 Plasma Sniper Rifle mentioned in the note above. Continue following your partners and kill the terminators in the underground parking lot. If you picked up a plasma sniper rifle, then aim for the head. On Normal difficulty, it can kill any T600 with one accurate shot. After defeating everyone, including the T650, collect resources and talk to Kyle. Go back to the shopping boutiques. Go up the escalator and turn right. Go to the other side along the boards and enter the distant room to find the radio station. Interact with her.

In the morning, pick up Ferro’s Diary # 1 from the nearest crate. Go to the room with the radio station and chat with Kyle Reese to complete the task and start a new mission.


Go down to Ferro (before that you can buy something) and help her with breaking the terminal. Quite simply, slide your cursor past the barriers from left to right. Talk to Ferro to find out about the continuation of the mission and get the first side mission. Enter the room and collect the chips.

How to improve weapons

Open your inventory and find a weapon with empty slots. These are usually plasma weapons. Click on it and you will see the “Improve” button in the lower right corner. Click on this button to see the cells. All the chips you own will be on the right. Please note that there is a certain pattern on the left and right of the chip cell – I, II, III, “square” and so on. So, you need to not only install the chips in all the cells, but also make sure that they touch the same sides. That is, there must be the same patterns between the first and second chip (for example, I and I). The same goes for the first and last chip: there must be identical shapes on the left side of the left chip and on the right side of the right chip. All lines should glow green.

Additional task “Heating up suspicions”

Select “Track” in the journal and go to Evans in the middle of the shopping lane. Follow him. Evans will clear the shelving out of the way and you can explore the room. The main thing that is here is a note “Help for the Suffering” . Move outside, along the marker, killing scout spiders. Once in the shelter, go around the red lasers or hack them, but for this you have to invest skill points in the “Explosives”. This is the best variant! If you can’t get around, carefully look around the corner and shoot explosives with a laser. In the far right room there is a “Hermit’s Diary”… After reading it, you will learn that all the people from the outpost were evacuated by the Resistance fighters. The task will be completed, and you can tell Riz about it. There is nothing useful in the back room behind the lasers: ordinary resources. So you don’t have to go there.

Witness (continued)

Talk to Kyle after Ferro and the side quest, and then go to bed. You will travel to Bakersfield. By pressing V, you can turn on the night vision device. Follow Kyle, who will climb to the top floor of the building. You will receive two markers. To get started, go to the first floor of the same building to find a workbench, shelter and the note “There is no further way!” … Let me remind you that with the help of a computer in such vaults, you can save the game.

Go first to the yellow marker in the lower left corner of the territory. Be careful, as a terminator will appear on the way to this place. After killing him, go downstairs and destroy the second. Then search the shelter, collect supplies and take “Encrypted Note # 1” . Be careful as you exit, as there are two Terminators with flamethrowers outside. You can aim at the red tanks on their back.

Additional task “Taken off the air”

The quest will begin near the start of the main mission in Bakersfield. When Kyle climbs onto the roof of the building, head left on the map, where you will meet the first Terminators. Destroy them to simplify the task, and a little further Kyle will contact you himself. Need a rope. Visit any of the four locations. I went west to the story marker, entered the store, pushed open the door with the middle lock, and found a rope.

Follow the marker. There will be scales on the way to the complex. They hide in small hatches and crawl out when Rivers is found. The scales try to get close to the main character and explode. So you need to destroy them from a distance. Near the descent to the complex, on the right, there is a shelter with a save point. Be sure to save, and only after that descend with the rope into the complex. It is not necessary to destroy the turrets outside – after traveling to the basement, they will become friendly. After going down, go along the corridor and kill the terminator, who will stand at the opened door. Take a moment and slip past the turret on the left behind the door. Or destroy it. There is also another terminator. Use any ventilation duct to get to the next room. There are many of them here. In the back room there will be two more terminators and a turret. But there are plasma canisters. Blow them up to destroy opponents. Hack the terminal and run away from it, and then leave the outpost. The task will be completed.

Additional mission “Survivor”

Head left on the map, west of the point where the hideout is with Kyle Reese at the top. On the way to the first yellow marker for the main mission, you will find a hideout. The door is closed inside, but there is a hole in the floor nearby. Jump down to hear the child’s voice. Go deeper through the corridors until you find a door with a partition. The T-650 will break it. Destroy the terminator to complete the quest and gain access to a new hideout. Save. In this hideout you can find a new weapon – a laser pistol “Hardball ATM” . By the way, the T-800 will drop the Skynet R95 plasma rifle .

Witness (continued)

Go to the second marker. Two terminators roam around the building. Destroy them. You can go to the store to the left of the building marked with a marker. There is a hole in the floor. Walk across the board to fall down and kill two terminators. Below you will find a safety note as well as a safe haven with a save point. Having survived, enter the main building and start going upstairs, collecting resources. When you find yourself on the third floor, you will receive an additional task “Punishment” from Kyle Reese. Take the notebook from the third floor room, to the right of the workbench. This will be “Encrypted Note # 2” .

Additional task “Punishment”

After getting out of the shelter, activate this task and go along the marker. The entrance is closed inside. You can hack the panel if you have the second level hacking skill. Or go to the left of it, climb the steps and climb over the fence. Blow up huge tanks, but first I recommend sneaking up on the turret from behind and hacking it so that it protects you from the terminators. Destroy all tanks and the generator outside. Go into the building, hack another turret and kill the enemies. Go upstairs and interact with the terminal. Hack it and run away from all the tanks. After the explosion, the task will end. You can take the time to research this area and gather resources. When you move from here, turn left and look for a silverfish in the ruins on the left and a rocket launcher lying on the ground – RL-92 with a reaction to heat .

Witness (continued)

Move from the place of the quest “Punishment” along the right side of the map, from top to bottom. You will walk through the metro station. Inside the carriages, look for resources and the M79 grenade launcher . Follow the marker to the graveyard, kill three terminators and go down to the crypt. Kill the terminator, collect resources and open the coffin. Escort Anselmo to Kyle Reese. On the way, you need to either bypass the three terminators, or destroy them. Get to the evacuation point with Anselmo and Kyle. When you move through the ruins of the building, look for a notice (note) on the pedestals on the left on the first floor .

On the edge

Chat with Kyle, Anselmo and Evans. Go ahead and chat with Ferro. The cut-scene will start. Then return to Reese. After that, go to rest. After the video, you will need to run after the group, killing terminators and other cars. There will be several stages, but at each of them, after the destruction of the enemies, you need to immediately follow your partners, or you can die. In the end, you will hide in a tunnel and move to another location. After the video, the task will end.

Hit and run

Talk to Kyle and Ferro. Evans will not want to talk as he is resting. In one of the rooms there is Ferro’s Diary # 2 on the table . Go to bed. Move forward. You will receive an additional task on the way. Stopping at the first marker, click on V, aim the camera at the large excavator machines and take a picture by clicking on E. Go forward and to the right. Get to the shelter associated with the side mission, go to the far opening and turn into the room on the left to find the explosives lying on the table. Take her. Complete the side quest.

Go back and run to the right. The area has many terminators and two turrets. Hack one of them. While she is a distraction, help destroy all the cars in the area. This is necessary, since it is unrealistic to act covertly here. Then follow the marker, set three charges and walk along the wire in the opposite direction. There will be a terminal nearby. Hack it to activate the charges and destroy the excavator.

The second goal remains – to hack the main computer of Skynet. Follow the marker and go through the area where the huge terminators are located. You don’t need to fight them. Just run to the right, hiding behind cover. Make your way into the building by going down and up the stairs. On the opposite side of the computer, on a box is an RSB-80 plasma minigun . Now complete the side task at will and leave the location. You can just run past the enemies without fighting them. The task will end.

Additional task “Evacuation protocol”

You will receive this mission almost immediately upon arrival at the Clearance Line. When you find explosives inside the shelter, move deeper into it. Turn into the room to the left, where there is a computer, and take from the table the note “Instructions for explosives” . Keep driving. There will be many rooms to the left and right. In one of the rooms on the left, find the note “Map Index” . Go a little further and to the left behind the boxes look for the TC16-R plasma rifle . Go ahead and find in the far right corner the last note “Order to withdraw troops . ” Place the explosives in the indicated place and quickly get out.

Additional task “Delivery protocol”

This quest will begin after you hack Skynet’s main computer in the game’s storyline. go further along the marker, killing all enemies on the way, and go through the door. One terminator will come out of there. After destroying it, shoot all the equipment.

Missing parts

You will reach the Skynet Research Base. Use your camera, mark the three remaining terminators for Evans. After destroying them, place the explosives and move deeper into the complex. Next, you will have to destroy a huge robot and conventional terminators and flying drones. I recommend ducking and going around the turret from behind, and then quickly hacking it. This will make the battle easier! Move through the laboratory, killing everyone in your path. Stay under cover. Interact with the terminal and get to the place where the Evans clones are. Open the next gate, kill all enemies and follow the marker through the ventilation until you find the control panel. Use it, then go downstairs and follow the team. Install explosives and evacuate from the base.

The storm is coming

Chat with all members of the squad in no particular order. Pick up Ferro’s Diary # 3 from the table . Use the armory and then go to bed. Follow the group until you meet civilians. Continue killing enemies at different locations. First, Evans will leave the team, and after Kyle and Ferro will be forced to stay with the civilians. Further Rivers will go alone. Go to the indicated location. There are three locations. Follow the yellow marker on the right, kill the terminator knocking on the door. Move to the next marker and kill four terminators, and then jump over the concrete blocks. Finally, follow the third marker and go up to the top floor of the building. There will be no one here, but a short cut-scene will start.

Go to the meeting place with the squad. It is not necessary to kill all enemies. Run to the marker and watch the video. Keep following Kyle. Hide from enemies as they are really strong here. Defeat opponents before descending into the complex, then hack the computer and fight the Centurion. Then watch the final video.