Asteroids: Recharged Cheats and Tips


Asteroids: Recharged Cheats and Tips

Whilst the first couple of levels don’t present too much of a challenge, crowd control is key. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with hordes of smaller asteroids if you’re too liberal spraying shots everywhere destroying the larger ones. Once you’ve picked off one or two larger asteroids, spend some time cleaning up their smaller offspring before you move on. This becomes particularly important on higher levels where asteroids of all sizes move faster.

On higher levels you’ll have more asteroids to deal with that take multiple hits to destroy. In this situation it’s particularly important that you don’t go mad destroying larger asteroids. Focus heavily on cleaning up where you can. 






Try to destroy asteroids that take fewer hits first to quickly reduce the number of objects flying around on screen that can kill you. The last thing you want is two dozen small asteroids that are going to take three hits a piece to kill hurtling around all over the place – you probably won’t last long.

Try to stay in the center of the screen as much as possible. That way you can more easily see what’s going on in your immediate vicinity. If you hang around near the edges it’s all too easy to be taken by surprise by an asteroid wrapping around from the other side of the screen.

Taking advantage of the screen wraparound yourself can be a useful tactic but use it with care. Similar to camping near the edges, it’s just too easy to run slap bang into an asteroid on the other side of the screen. Wraparound is best used either out of desperation or towards the end of the level when you only have a few asteroids left to clear up.