Dungeon Munchies Cheats and Tips


Dungeon Munchies Cheats and Tips


Understanding Cooking And Purging

The gameplay loop of Dungeon Munchies is very simple. Kill monsters, collect their materials, and then use those materials for cooking and crafting. As mentioned earlier, it is like Monster Hunter but if that series was a bit more disgusting. Cooking is like this game’s skill tree. For example, the first meal players can make is a mosquito-based roll.

As they say, “you are what you eat” because the main character will sprout abnormalities based on their diet. The mosquito dish will have him grow wings, giving players the ability to double jump. Once cooked, every item can be equipped, purged, or re-equipped at camp with no additional cost.

Good Weapon Combos

It’s important to not overfill the character with too many abilities all at once. These can make the player move sluggishly. Sometimes food skills may not be beneficial at all. Why bother cooking up an item players may never use?

It’s important to pay attention to what each food will grant in terms of buffs. For example, if a dish amplifies the power of bows, but players don’t have a bow equipped, then that dish is useless. It may sound like a weird thing to say but food and weapons go hand in hand in Dungeon Munchies. Try out different combos and see what works best.





Stick Around And Farm For Materials

Dungeon Munchies has a fairly straightforward goal in mind: become the best undead chef in the world. There aren’t many branching paths in the game even though it shares similar elements with Metroidvanias. Players may feel like buzzing through stages as quickly as possible like a normal action platformer.

However, it’s a good idea to make several passes through a single area before moving on. This is a solid strategy to follow. Play through an area and then make it to the next warp station. After that, warp backward and play that previous stage all over again. Repeat this process between each new area. This is a good way to farm monsters for materials which is critical for cooking and crafting.

The Game Is Always Saving

Dungeon Munchies does not do a good job of explaining how it saves. The checkpoints in the game are marked by recycling bins. When players reload their files, that is where they will typically spawn. There are exceptions but those are rare.

Because of this, players may think that these recycle bins are save points but they aren’t. Dungeon Munchies is always saving. It’s like the games in the Dark Souls series. There are not many ways to cheese the system if players screw up. It’s nice having progress always be recorded. However, it can also cause anxiety. Know this before going into Dungeon Munchies. It should keep players on their toes.