Far Cry 6 - Pagan: Control Cheats


Far Cry 6 – Pagan: Control Cheats


Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control – How to get Pagan’s armor, vehicle, and weapon (Executioner bow)

Pagan Min’s weapon and vehicle, the Executioner bow and Rangoon Buggy, will automatically get unlocked in Far Cry 6‘s campaign as long as you own the Pagan: Control DLC/season pass. You’ll see a notification pop up on your screen while playing as Dani.

As for the Executioner bow, it actually looks like a pistol, but the actual mechanism is fairly unique. It has the following perks:

  • Specter Sight – 2x mid-range sight
  • MK2 Press Your Advantage – Deal bonus weapon damage to enemies at low health

Regarding the Kyrati or Pagan Min armor set added by Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control, you’ll only gain access to these items once you’ve completed tasks or milestones during the rogue-lite DLC romp. To make things easier, just try to unlock all of these during your Mind Level 1 run:

Kyrati Armor/Pagan Items Perk/Effect Requirement and Related Guide/Tips
Kyrati Cut Stop, Shoot – Improves weapon damage against the last enemy hit by that weapon. Escape Pagan’s mind with at least 25,000 points.
Guide: Royal Palace finale (20 Waves)
Kyrati Suit That’s Me – Receive pesos for liberating civilians in prison convoys and roadsides. Escape Pagan’s mind
Guides: Playing GodRewriting History, and For King and Country main missions
Kyrati Trousers Out of Control – Bonus Supremo charge from melee kills. Hold at least 8,000 Respect at once.
Guide: Respect is the DLC’s currency/cash. You can complete the Contemporary Art Statue Trials for the Still Standing power which sells for 1,000 Respect.
Kyrati Shoes No Rush – Greatly improves walk speed, but impairs sprint speed. Discover every location in Pagan’s mind
Guide: World map and points of interest
Kyrati Gloves Very Particular – Slightly improves damage against tagged enemies. Unlock all the weapons in Pagan’s armory.
Guide: Armory weapons and upgrades