Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Cheats and Tips


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Cheats and Tips


Focus on Completing Studies

Right off the bat, the best piece of advice any player about to start Rainbow Six Extraction should know is that they need to focus on completing the game’s studies to quickly rise through the progression system. Essentially, studies are a set of three objectives players can complete with any operator for experience points. Each map has a select amount of studies to finish and their progress carries over between infiltrations. The fastest way to gain experience during Rainbow Six Extraction’s opening hours outside of successfully finishing an infiltration’s three core objectives without dying is to finish the study challenges.

For any player looking to obtain Extraction’s unlockable nine operators and the various other map locations, study challenges will mostly give the player enough experience to unlock what they are looking for. The first batch of available study challenges in New York City will help teach players some of the game’s basic actions for a notable amount of awards–it is practically an extra tutorial with a big payoff. Always check what you have to do on the load-out screen and execute the objective whenever possible. Whatever you do, do not ignore completing your current studies or else it will take a while before you can start obtaining Extraction’s many unlockables!

United The Group Stands, Divided They Fall Into Stasis

Rainbow Six Extraction’s three sub-zone areas in each map can be quite a lot to traverse, yet that does not mean a team of three players should necessarily split up to cover ground. There may only be fifteen minutes on the clock to complete an objective and proceed to the next sub-zone, but that is more than enough time to do everything a team needs. Staying with one another is the best way to survive and properly comb each area of a map. You never know when you may screw up or need backup when shooting down a hoard of Archæan enemies. It is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by enemies since each map was designed to have several entry points for both human and computer players to use.

Most importantly, staying together will help increase your chances of not losing an operator in the field. When the player goes down after running out of health in Extraction, the operator he or she is using will go into a foam stasis. Living players are given the opportunity to extract their teammate’s body so they do not have to save their operator in a future infiltration. It is better to see your operator temporarily out of action than having to find their missing body.





Stay Stealthy and Kill Cautiously

They may carry similar qualities to an undead hoard, but Rainbow Six Extraction’s Archæan threat packs more power than meets the eye. Considering this is a player versus environment game, you should expect enemies to constantly strategize and stay alert for your presence. Just because that moving glob on the ground or slow crawler with a major gas bomb on his back may be easy to eliminate does not mean they can cause a ton of noise and lead to a ludicrous amount of damage. If you see multiple enemies crammed in a room, consider a way to take all of them out without causing any alerts. Going in guns blazing is only a real option when an objective’s success is in danger or a distraction is needed to divert the action.

Always Maximize and Discuss Load-Out Preparations

In Rainbow Six Extraction, a player’s load-out can make or break a mission–especially once you reach the higher level territories of the game where players will have to think far more strategically. Not everyone in a party of three needs to carry a recon drone or self revive kit. Not everyone needs to carry the killer special abilities or blasting power to wreak havoc at an objective. Having the loudest guns or going in all silent is not always the best option.

Maximizing your squad to accommodate for the needs of an infiltration will only benefit a team’s run. It is often important to have players uphold select duties whether they may act as the offense, defense, or reconnaissance. Keeping speed, power, abilities, and weapons in mind is constantly what makes Extraction’s depth so malleable and thrilling.