Windjammers 2 Cheats and Tips


Windjammers 2 Cheats and Tips


Pay Attention To The Courts

The courts in the game look nicely varied, and the crowd work in the background makes each stage pop. Windjammers 2 is a great-looking retro game with modern attractions. Stages are more than window dressings though. Each one plays differently. The most basic setup has a net in the middle with three score areas behind a goal. A yellow area is worth three points while the red areas are worth five.

Make sure to know where those goalposts are before firing a shot at an opponent. Some stages have bumpers in-between the nets too. These can stop even power moves dead in their tracks. Then there are truly wild stages like the Casino. Points are randomized based on roulettes in that stage. Basically, it is important to pay attention to each court’s surroundings.

Use Your Special ASAP

During a match, players will accumulate points toward their special. This meter will build up between passes, being hit, or by scoring. Once the bar is filled, make sure to burn it off right away. This will allow players to use as many specials in a match as possible. Just make sure the opponent doesn’t have their meter filled up too as they would be able to easily cancel out the player’s attack.

Alternatively, players can also cancel out an opponent’s disc. If the player activates the combo buttons for the special without a disc in hand, time will sort of slow down. This gives the player, or opponent, enough time to react to the disc. Strategy is the key to victory so both methods regarding specials are valid.





Dodge Toward Discs

Players might begin their extreme sports career in Windjammers 2 by rushing toward discs manually. It might be a better idea to dodge toward them instead. There are pros and cons to this method. A dodge toward a disc means that players will have one shot to get it right. If they don’t aim their character right, the disc might pass them by.

Alternatively, if players simply move toward a disc, they may be too slow. It’s up for the player to judge which movement is right for them. Besides the dodge, players can also deflect discs with their hands. This will send the disc sailing back over the net but just barely. A disc on the ground won’t score a lot of points, two, but it might catch an opponent off-guard.

Try Every Character

Every character in Windjammers 2 is equipped with strengths and weaknesses that are indicated in the startup menu. A heavier character like G. Scott may be slow, but they will be hard to knock off balance. This means opponents can’t smack them into their nets with their special attacks as often.

The ten initial characters in Windjammers 2 also have varying techniques. S. Ho, for example, will send the disc flying back at opponents, flashing in and out of existence. This should catch opponents off-guard easily. It’s a good idea to practice with and against everyone in the game too, especially for pre-online practice. This is an addendum to the tip about versus mode and difficulty settings. To repeat it, brush up on the game before going into any online multiplayer tournaments.