Lacuna Cheats and Tips


Lacuna Cheats and Tips


Pay Attention To The Dialogue

Lacuna features a huge amount of fantastic dialogue that is well-written and serves to build a compelling world and narrative as you play through the game. But the writing isn’t there just to tell the story, it’s also there to help you solve the mysteries that Lacuna throws at you.

From the obvious discussions about crimes taking place to subtle hints given by background characters, Lacuna’s dialog will help you put together the answers you need about what has taken place in the game. But you’ll need to be paying attention to decipher what is true and which characters are trying to throw you off as you search for clues.

There Is No Map

Despite how much time you spend walking around as you investigate the various crimes taking place within Lacuna’s world, one thing the game won’t give you is a map to navigate with. Instead, it’s up to the player to learn the layouts of relevant areas and remember the world around them.

At first, this feels unnecessary but you’ll soon get to grips with the world and find that not stopping to look at a map actually helps you feel even more immersed in the world as you aren’t interrupting yourself to get help with navigation every time you need to go somewhere new.

Complete Case Sheets Fully As Often As Possible

Every case you take on in Lacuna will come with a case sheet that you need to fill out. These case sheets offer you a set of key questions and missing information that you need to fill in using clues and your knowledge of the world around you.

Not only do these case sheets provide you with a clear next step throughout the game but they also help you consolidate the information you gather along the way. So fill them out fully and as accurately as possible and you will be well on your way to solving crimes correctly and putting the right people behind bars.

There Are Eight Different Endings

Lacuna, like many adventure games, offers a variety of endings to its players depending on the choices made throughout the game. Some of the choices that influence these endings will be obvious when you make them, but others are hidden beneath layers of character interactions.

So as you play, look out for the characters most important to Neil Conrad and the central plot as your interactions with them may carry more weight than you realize. And if you want to see all eight endings for yourself you’ll need to keep in mind that the game’s lack of rollback features means you’ll be playing the game through in full for every single one. Not that this is a bad thing with a game as fun as Lacuna.