Blackwind Cheats and Tips


Blackwind Cheats and Tips


What is Blackwind about?

This is the top-down action sci-fi video game developed by Drakkar Dev, in which you will have the role of a teenager trapped in a prototype armor during an alien invasion, in which you will face many enemies and if you want to get far you will have to know how to terminate enemies.

How to terminate enemies in Blackwind?

The best way to eliminate enemies is with terminations, a practical way to defeat them quickly. To make a termination the first thing you have to do is to make an enemy have low health, you will be able to notice it when his body starts flashing red. Just at this moment you will have to approach him and press the E key on PC, the B button on Xbox or O on Playstation, so that your character performs the termination.

This technique will allow you to get immunity against damage while it is being performed, plus you can get more health if you upgrade this feature, so you can kill enemies. To get this you will have to head to an upgrade platform and pay between 100 and 140 blue orbs per upgrade.

How to regenerate health in Blackwind?

In order to recover your health you will have to make sure to get the green orbs, one of the types of orbs that you can find in the game by defeating enemies and destroying objects. This orb will allow you to regenerate your health every time you collect one.

Destroying the small towers with a green glow will also allow you to get a good amount of orbs.