Labyrinth Legend Cheats and Tips


Labyrinth Legend Cheats and Tips


Explore the village

When you first start playing the game you will be placed in the village affected by the Queen’s spell. There you can talk to the NPCs with a dialogue box above their heads to learn more about them and to read their interactions.

Most of the NPCs won’t have a lot of tasks for you since they consider you “too weak” but as you progress through, you will be able to interact more with them. Either way, try learning where things are mainly for now, such as the Blacksmith and the other NPCs, then adventure onto the Labyrinth.

Learn the NPC locations

In your quest for exploring the village, you should make sure that you remember the location for the NPCs in town and try to head on there when you want to get new items or upgrade your existing ones.

This will help save you a lot of time in the upcoming time in game because you will know exactly where you need to go for everything and not lose time wandering around the village.

Open the Golden Chest

This big Golden Chest can be found in the upper left corner of the village – it can’t be missed, as it is pretty big (and Golden as the name suggests). If you need other references to find it, then try looking next to the Blacksmith and Accessory Shop for it because it will be on the left side of them.

Now if you don’t see a chest here (and only the empty stone podium) then it’s not available just yet. So wait a little while and once it becomes available you can open it. In order to open the chest you need to watch a short advertisement – so try doing that by pressing the first button (I am not sure exactly what it says because it’s written in Japanese).

But either way, that must mean something like “open now” or so and therefore I suggest that if you got 30 seconds (at most) to spare, then watch an ad and claim the Coins inside as well as possibly some better equipment!





Adventure into the Dungeons

In the Dungeons you will find all kinds of goods and encounters. I suggest that before you go you should equip with the strongest gear that you have. Not just weapons, but also helmet, boots, armor and so on.

Do this before you go in (if you have some on you in bag) and then prepare to fight all of the slimes and bats and enemies that approach you! In the Dungeon you can find various encounters, from enemies, to chests and more.

Always equip the best gear

While you are fighting int he Dungeon you are going to pick up quite a lot of equipment. Make sure that you always equip the one with better stats and Damage, because it will make your character much stronger.

Another thing is that you should check the kind of equipment you get. They all have different power, and you should try to put on the most powerful one that you pick up. That won’t appear in the first 2 minutes of playing, but sooner or later you will get. So when you do, don’t forget to equip the best ones!

Kiting is your best advantage

Kiting basically means keeping a safe distance from enemies while hitting them and dealing damage continuously. Kiting can be a little difficult at start until you get used to it, but soon enough you will master it.

To kite much easier, use your left hand to move away from the monster, while with the right hand you keep sending arrows from your bow or boomerang or from any of the other ranged weapon. Try this in the low level Lab until you master it, and then put it to good use in the higher levels.