Vagante Cheats and Tips


Vagante Cheats and Tips



At first glance, healing may seem like a rare occasion. That is true, but there are many ways to heal that you may not know of! Here are some of them:


After each level, you might not want to level up and walk right to the left. That is because if you press the Interact Button next to the pile of wood near the middle of the stage, you will sit down and heal 10 hp! (14 if you have the Survivor Perk)





Books and Scrolls

Have you ever wondered what to do with books when you aren’t a mage? Turns out, you can use these books to heal! When sitting down at the campfire, you can toss the books in using the Drop Button and heal for 10 hp. The same applies to scrolls, but since they are easier to find, they heal for 2 hp only. However, don’t underestimate them, because when burned in bunches, they can heal for much health.


When adventuring through the Caves, you may find a locked up Fairy calling for help. If you break the cage, the Fairy be set free. While it stands still at first, it will run away if you hit it. So don’t hit the cage too much! You can pick it up using the Interact Button while crouching. While holding the Fairy, the Attack Button will throw the Fairy. Be careful if you have the Throw Hard ability that comes from gloves, because if you throw the Fairy too hard, it will take damage and probably die from the damage. Once you carry it back to the end of the level and you exit, carrying the Fairy to the campfire will result in her healing 30 hp and giving you 10 maximum hp, resulting in a total of 40 hp.