Rise of the Third Power Cheats and Tips


Rise of the Third Power Cheats and Tips


Story Mode Will Lessen The Grind

There are technically four difficulties in the game including Story Mode, Normal, Hard, and Expert. However, Story Mode is more like Normal with an extra battle option. It will appear at the bottom of the battle menu and will instantly kill everything onscreen if chosen.

Adding in this choice is a nice assist-like feature and can help lessen the grind if players don’t have all the time in the world. All difficulties can be changed while not in battle. So, don’t get hung up on getting the right choice nailed down when setting up a new profile.

Battle Every Enemy And Respawning

No matter what difficulty players choose, Rise of the Third Power is a tough game. It requires a lot of grinding especially for boss encounters. The trouble is that it takes a long time to grind out for levels due to two major factors. One, enemies don’t respawn naturally.

Once players reach the end of the sewer dungeon, they will meet a mysterious merchant who can respawn enemies. They can also be respawned after resting at an Inn. It’s good for players to know that respawning in Rise of the Third Power is locked until this point. The other reason why grinding can be a chore is that enemies don’t dish out a lot of experience. The best thing to do is to take advantage of merchant respawns while in a dungeon to cut down on backtracking from Inns to dungeons.

Preparing For Bosses

It’s hard to know when a boss is around the corner. Sometimes it can be obvious like when the aforementioned merchant appears. This can signal that a boss is near. Fans of RPG games should know the telltale signs by now. Before jumping into battle players should check all of their meters.

Make sure HP, MP, and ammo are all filled. It’s also a good idea to make sure the partner meters are filled. Rise of the Third Power implements dual attacks like Limit Breaks from the Final Fantasy series. Being able to use a dual attack at the start of a boss battle can be advantageous especially if it inflicts a status effect.

Unlock Abilities First

Leveling up is not standardized in Rise of the Third Power. Levels gained will accrue players talent points instead of increasing stats like in other RPGs. These talent points are shared across all members of the team. This means players must use them strategically as to not off-balance other characters. It’s a good idea to keep some talent points in reserve in case a new member joins.

When choosing which path to go down first, take a look at where the active skills are. Increasing stats may be nice too, but skills are everything in battle. After that increasing money and item drop rates are also a good idea early on in the game. Rowan and Corrina have those passive skills respectively.