Fortune Street Cheats


Fortune Street Cheats


Fast Method of Completing Single-Player with CPU

First, place at least 3rd in Castle Trodain under Standard Rules in the Dragon Quest Tour. Afterwards, purchase the unlocked “Highly-Strung” personality and the “Zealot” play style. This will give your Mii character a “Dominating” COM intelligence. Now, when you play a board, set yourself to Out to Lunch, and the COM will play for you. The COM will be able to place first in games the majority of the time, and the win will still count. This trick is especially useful for those who just want to unlock all the content for multiplayer as quickly as possible.

S Rank CPUs

After beating the Special Tour, the intelligence of CPU characters chosen by the player can be raised to S rank by pressing + on the character select screen. (This has no effect on characters who are already S ranks, of course.)

Unlockable Boards

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alefgard Unlock Special Tour
Alltrades Abbey Place 1st in The Colossuss in Tour Mode
Bowser’s Castle Place 1st or 2nd in Super Mario Bros. in Tour Mode
Good Egg Galaxy Place 1st in Bowser’s Castle in Tour Mode
Special Tour Beat all the boards in Dragon Quest Tour and Super Mario Tour
Super Mario Bros. Place 1st or 2nd in Alefgard in Tour Mode
The Colossuss Place 1st in Good Egg Galaxy in Tour Mode

Unlockable Characters

Unlock characters in Tour Mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Dragonlord Place 1st or 2nd in the Alefgard board.
Jessica Place 1st or 2nd in Robinn’ Hood Ruins in Tour Mode.
Patty Beat all the boards in Special Tour
Peach Place 1st or 2nd in Peach’s Castle in Tour Mode.