GRID Legends Cheats and Tips

GRID Legends Cheats and Tips

Activate assists

GRID games are designed to be accessible, with a focus on fun, exciting racing. The car handling in GRID Legends is intuitive but less realistic than simulation games like Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. If you’re new to the series, there are multiple driving assists to help you improve your skills.

To change the driving assists, pause the game and select Options. Go to the Gameplay options and scroll to Difficulty. From here, you can activate the driver assists.

There are three main driver assists in GRID Legends:

  • ABS: This prevents the wheels from locking up under braking
  • Traction control: This reduces wheelspin
  • Stability control: This regulates body stability to make cornering easier

You can adjust these settings on a scale from one to five. For beginners, we also recommend enabling the racing line, automatic transmission, disabling terminal damage, and changing the AI difficulty to easy. On the easy setting, the AI drivers put you under less pressure and make more mistakes.  

By default, all driver assists are switched on at the highest setting. With all settings activated, the driving can feel stiff. We recommend reducing each assist to two or three as this gives you more direct control. Once you’ve put in some practice, dial down the assists until you find a setting you’re comfortable with.

With all assists off, some of the more powerful cars can be tricky to drive. Enter or exit a corner with too much throttle and no traction or stability control, and you’ll spin out. To avoid this, brake early and progressively when approaching a corner. Gently ease back on the throttle when exiting a corner.





Start your career

Codemasters has placed a lot of focus on the Driven to Glory story mode and its lavish live-action cut scenes with virtual production technology. But you may not realise there is also a traditional career mode with over 250 events to discover covering a wide range of racing disciplines. You can find the career mode in the main menu on the home screen.

GRID Legends’ career mode is split into four main categories: Rookie, Semi-Pro, Pro, and Gauntlet. Each category contains championships and events focusing on different disciplines from touring cars to GT racers. Completing a set number of events unlocks the next category with progressively faster cars.

When starting the career, you’ll need to choose a team name and banner. Also, don’t forget to join a sponsor, because completing their objectives will unlock additional rewards.

As you race, you’ll collect XP called Racecraft. Clean racing, following the racing line, and overtaking earns you more Racecraft points. This increases your overall driver level. Racecraft earned in Driven to Glory also carries over to the career mode.  

Enter the Rookie Ginetta Cup

When you start GRID Legends, you’ll jump straight into Driven to Glory prologue and drive a powerful prototype race car. This can be daunting for new players, however.

If you want to practice in a more forgiving car but still progress your career, we recommend entering the Rookie Ginetta Cup after completing the mandatory Driven to Glory prologue.

In these events, you drive the Ginetta G40 GT. This entry-level race car is grippy, predictable and not too overpowered, but still fun to drive. This makes it one of the best cars for beginners to hone their skills.