ELEX II Cheats and Tips


ELEX II Cheats and Tips


The inventory space is unlimited

The inventory in Elex 2 has unlimited capacity. Use it and collect anything you find as you explore the world. Most of the items you find won’t be very valuable, but selling a lot of loot will give you lots of Elexit crystals. The crystals can then be used to buy better equipment or skills.

Jetpack makes exploration easier

You will get access to the jetpack in Elex 2 at the beginning of the game. A jetpack with no upgrades has a low fuel capacity and only allows you to fly for a short time, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Using a jetpack will allow you to descend from high places, which would kill you if you jumped from them. All you have to do is use the jetpack before landing to reduce the falling speed.






Flashlight helps in dark areas

Many places in Elex 2 are dimly lit. Fortunately, you have a flashlight that will help you in dark locations. Its use is unlimited – the flashlight does not need to be recharged in any way.

You will find useful starting items in the Bastion

The Bastion is one of the first locations you visit in Elex 2. The destroyed fortress contains a lot of items, so you should search it carefully. Here you will find food, potions or items that you will sell later. It’s also worth unlocking the fast travel point to be able to return here more easily.

Avoid enemies with the skull icon

In the game, many enemies you encounter may turn out to be deadly, but the most dangerous are those marked with a skull icon. The skull means that a given enemy is much stronger than you. These types of opponents are extremely difficult to defeat. It’s best to leave them until you upgrade Jax and get better equipment.

Unlocking fast travel

If during exploration you see the platform shown in the picture above, approach it to unlock a fast travel point. From now on, you can teleport here for free from anywhere on the map. Creating an extensive network of fast travel points makes travelling around the game world and completing tasks in Elex 2 much easier.


Due to a large number of fights, your character will need healing. There are several ways to heal Jax. Sleep is a free way to restore health. Beds are scattered all over the game world, but remember that you cannot use someone else’s place – you can find an available bed, e.g. in the Bastion. The second way is to eat food, potions and plants. This way you can heal yourself in combat.