Zombie Rollerz Cheats and Tips


Zombie Rollerz Cheats and Tips


Use the ball return option frequently!

Remember that at any point you can call the ball back into your ballista by tapping the button on the left side of the screen. You don’t have to wait for your ball to get stuck to use it – in fact, you can use it to setup a better shot or if a zombie is getting too close for comfort.

The call back option has roughly a 5 second cooldown, so don’t be afraid to use it fairly often. It’s very helpful for setting up devastating combos, as you learned with Ursula’s Ice Wall ability!

Use the tools on the battlefield!

When you’re squashing zombies, keep an eye out for an objects that look out of place. These objects will also periodically flash white, letting you know that they can be interacted with.

If your pinball hits one of these objects, something helpful will happen. For example, hitting the axes will cause them to spin around the stump they are stuck in, causing rapid damage to nearby zombies.

The best part is that most of these objects can be used multiple times, so they will help you out a lot in your quest to destroy all of them zombies.





Partake in the Events!

If you tap on the board icon at the top left corner of the main menu, it’ll take you to the Events. The Events are on-going special achievements that you can fulfill to earn special prizes, like gold, EXP potions, and gems.

Some of them are time-limited, while others will stick around until they are completed. Obviously, you should try to complete the time limited ones while you still can for some sweet rewards, including Gacha capsules!

Build up combo for more damage!

Whenever your pinball hits a zombie, your combo counter will go up by one. Every 10 combos, your pinball’s damage multiplier increases! This is why it is so incredibly deadly to encase a bunch of zombies within a small area and have your pinball wreak havoc inside.

Your combo continues so as long as it doesn’t return to your ballista, so try to get the most out of small areas and Ursula’s Ice Wall ability.