Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Cheats


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Cheats


Job Trees

Job Trees are your source of power in Stranger of Paradise. Job Trees can be leveled up by fighting, or by using Anima Stones in the Job Trees menu. You can earn 30 levels for each Job Tree, and at the bottom of each tree you’ll find brand new Jobs to unlock, some of which will only be available after you’ve unlocked several other Jobs. What this means is that you really need to level up all of your available Jobs in order to get access to the most powerful skills in the game. Yes, you need to use Mage skills even if you don’t care for the Mage class. Or you could use all of your Anima Stones exclusively on Jobs you don’t wish to actually play with.

Combo moves

Certain special moves are only usable at a certain point in your combo, for example, after one or two light attacks, you can activate a specific special move by using a heavy attack. You can edit where these moves show up in your combo in the Battle Settings. You will unlock new moves as you progress through your Job Trees, and should equip and try out each new move you get access to. 






Gear update

You will receive gear constantly. From chests, from mobs, from bosses, basically from everything. Your characters don’t have their own levels in Stranger of Paradise, meaning all of their stats come from the gear they equip, and certain levels will warn you away from entry if you don’t have a high enough average gear level. You should equip high-level gear, especially if it has synergy with your current Job. Though, eventually, will probably have to give up that synergy for the sake of better overall stats. 

Keep switching Jobs

You should be switching Jobs often, both mid-battle and in the Battle Settings menu. Some enemies just call for a different approach, and you should be ready to swap to that approach on the fly. You need to level them all up anyway, so you should swap often. New Jobs are usually more powerful than your prior Job in some way and will allow you to carry over certain special attacks, so there’s a good incentive to keep mixing things up. 

Hunt Cactuars

Cactuars can be found in each level, and they’re surprisingly tough for their small size. Plus, their needle attack can take out Jack’s entire health bar. To beat Cactuars you need to work as a team and overwhelm their Break Gauge with the Lightbringer skill. Once defeated, Cactuars will reward you with plenty of loot and experience for your Job level. 

Elemental advantages

Some enemies and even bosses will have obvious elemental affiliations, and can usually be countered with another element. Water does a lot of damage to fire, for example. Obvious, but it works. This only really becomes a big issue when up against a boss with an obvious elemental affiliation – or multiple – but it’s a good excuse to level up those pesky magic-based classes.