ANNO: Mutationem Cheats and Tips

ANNO: Mutationem Cheats and Tips

Dealing With Flying Opponents

At a certain height, your best option is going to be your guns. However, a number of flying opponents like to hover in place at jumping height. These flying opponents are best dealt with by hitting them with your greatsword midair. The air combo keeps you airborne, and every standard flying enemy will die with one or two swipes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the burger (which can be purchased in Skopp City) will greatly increase the damage your gun does for a brief amount of time. While the burger is too situational to be worth keeping in your backpack in the early sections of the game, once you have unlocked a few extra spots in your backpack it may be worth keeping a pocket burger around for the moments when you are dealing with multiple flying opponents.





Invest In The Parry

This is a super-effective way of stripping enemies of their armor. Not every attack can be parried, but most can be. Since the enemies typically telegraph their attacks, you will be able to get a lot of mileage out of this combat technique.

The further parry buffs on the weapon tree are also pretty nice, given that you will be able to land the parry so often, but they aren’t mandatory. However, while you could definitely play through the entire game without the parry, it is highly recommended that you pick it up. On a side note, it is also really satisfying to use.

Light Sword: Shadowstep

Here Ann lunges forward, moving through enemies and dishing out damage along the way. This is superfast and can act as a superior means for getting behind your opponent (as it does damage). You are also going to have to unlock it if you want to progress the single sword skill tree.

Warning: Unfortunately, there is a downside. Due to the inability to switch your movement to the d-pad, and the cumbersome nature of controlling a 2D game with an analog stick, it is quite easy to accidentally trigger this attack when you are out of harm’s way (and putting you into the path of danger). Once this attack is unlocked you are going to have to be super careful when moving forward and attacking in order to not accidentally trigger your Shadowstep attack.

Kick ‘Em When They’re Down

When you stun a powerful enemy, you typically are given the opportunity to land your fatal blow, but before you do so you should get a few normal attacks in. Their shield will be down, so the damage you do will not be direct to their health pool.

This can be the difference between having to fight another cycle of a boss or not. Also, after you have landed the fatal attack, and their shield is still recharging, you can typically get a few more attacks in that will deal unmitigated damage. This is super important late in the game when you are fighting bosses who can get a little spongy.

Nonexistent Cancel Windows

There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of a cancel window. So, generally, you don’t want to ever use high commitment attacks unless your opponent is stunned, or committed to their own attack. This means that you are going to be primarily using your single sword or twin swords.

The greatsword is mainly there to whittle down shields on boss characters. Trying to use the greatsword against the smaller enemies is typically a mistake, as you are going to be committed to long attacks, which will leave you vulnerable.