GhostWire: Tokyo Cheats and Tips


GhostWire: Tokyo Cheats and Tips


1. Keep an Eye Out for Trash Bins

Kicking off your Ghostwire: Tokyo tips guide, you should always be on the lookout for objects to interact with or open — there are plenty of them out there! — but trash bins in particular have a high chance of giving you Meika, the game’s currency, which always comes in handy.

2. You Can Cleanse Corrupted Zones From Afar

There are many corrupted zones around Ghostwire: Tokyo, which are a great source of spirits. In order to cleanse them, you have to destroy a floating “core” that is attached to a spot on them, which you can see by using Spectral Vision (Square on the controller). Now, while you can destroy the core with L2 if you get close enough, that means hurting yourself for being in contact with the zone itself.

Instead, use your wind power to destroy the cores from afar, and if you need more precision, use the bow that you unlock in Chapter 2. It’s quick and easy. Be sure to investigate the zone to collect your spirits.

3. You Can Grab Multiple Cores Simultaneously

If you’re fighting against enemies that are close to one another and they all happen to be weak, keep hitting them to expose their cores, as you can grab more than one. This happens outside of the L3 + R3 attack that you unlock at the end of Chapter 2, mind you, and applies to regular combat.






4. You’re Going To Lose Your Powers Momentarily… Plan Ahead

During Chapter 2, you’re going to come across The Buried Life quest. It tasks you to head underground to follow someone, but the game doesn’t let you know about The Caves of Steel, which is the quest that follows immediately after you finish a certain fight. The problem is, for the duration of that mission, you’re unable to use your powers.

“Powers” doesn’t refer to just your finger guns, but also capabilities like fast travel, picking up certain items, using your Spectral Vision, and interacting with animals. Even your melee attacks won’t do any semblance of damage. All in all, you become incredibly weak. The Caves of Steel isn’t particularly long, but I recommend to either spend some time beforehand or just rush through it, as the game becomes pretty barebones until you’re done with it and recover your powers. Just something to keep in mind.

5. Listen, You Should Get to Chapter 3 Before Going Out Exploring

One of the Ghostwire: Tokyo tips to know is that both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 serve as a long introduction. It’s only at the end of Chapter 2 that you’re going to be able to move around the city more freely cleansing torii gates without the fog getting in the way. Moreover, you unlock a skill that works like an ultimate ability at the start of Chapter 3, which really helps when dealing with enemy groups or tough encounters.

6. Beware of the Enemies in Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Do you remember the group of marching spirits in Shibuya Crossing during the story? Well, that isn’t just for show by any means. If you get close to the location and all the lights go off, you should quickly hide behind a car if you’re not ready for a tough fight. If they spot you, you’re automatically taken to an arena with dozens of enemies. This is quite a tough fight, so make sure to plan ahead if you’re around the area.