Paradise Killer Cheats and Tips


Paradise Killer Cheats and Tips


Game Settings and Mechanics

  • Evidence Assignment: Under the Settings>Options menu, you can opt to either assign evidence yourself, or have Starlight connect the dots for you each time. The former requires a bit more analytical play style, as you will need to check back regularly to fit the evidence together as you uncover more during your investigation. The latter allows for a more laid-back playing that allows you to focus more on the worldbuilding and exploration aspects of the game.
  • This game does not autosave! Save points must be discovered before being activated; we recommend saving at each new one you find. If you’re in a situation where you’re a bit iffy on your next move, we suggest creating extra save files in the other save slots.
  • Items that can be picked up/interacted with will be 2.5D in design, emit a distorted audio cue, and, when you’re close enough, have an onscreen prompt telling you to examine them. Once Relics or Key Items have been examined, they will disappear from the world and be available for inspection from your Inventory screen.




Talking to People

  • Seeing that you are presented with many different dialogue options, you are able to customize your interactions to how you wish to play the game. That aside, you will be able to gain otherwise inaccessible intel from suspects via the relationship increase mechanic. By choosing to compliment them, agree with them, or otherwise butter them up, you may have an easier time solving the various crimes you’re investigating.
    • The “Probe” option for reluctant witnesses becomes available when your relationship with them is sufficiently increased, granting you access to information they may have otherwise withheld.
  • While it’s always good to return to suspects and hang out with them to build your relationship, doing this every time you learn something new about the case can get exhausting. Instead, utilize the Starlight Augmented vision to find the people with exclamation marks near their pictures; this will indicate that they’ll have something new for you.

Exploring the Island

  • As there is no fall damage, there are no repercussions for taking shortcuts down to interesting-looking areas that may be below you.
  • Try to get every Blood Crystal you can, as they are vital for not just purchasing information and upgrades, but also unlocking and then utilizing fast travel. Many are accessible by simple platforming to their location, and their 2.5D design make them stand out against the environment.
  • Walking too far into the water will cause you to respawn at the closest save point. Note that this includes save points you have not yet activated, so this may be a quick way to find a new save if you’re in an unfamiliar area.
  • Upgrades for Starlight must be manually installed via the “Upgrades” tab of the Inventory. If you forgot to do this, you won’t be able to access the corresponding Nightmare Computers!
  • While there are endless ways to play this game, we recommend exploring the island as thoroughly as possible prior to speaking to any suspects; this will allow you to gather as much evidence as possible, as well as relics to fill in any world lore knowledge gaps and blood crystals to pay for information/upgrades to Starlight. As different dialogue options open with more evidence and Relics, it’s worth finding as many as possible ahead of time to avoid having to retrace your steps.
    • Also, to this end, it is worth utilizing fast travel as little as possible at the start, to ensure full inspection of the island.
    • Once activated, using the “Meditate” ability will allow you to briefly see all points of interest on the map, marked as glowing hearts in the distance. These range from save points to Collectibles to conversations with Shinji, so be sure to check it often to see what’s around you that you can explore.