Inazuma Eleven Strikers Cheats


Inazuma Eleven Strikers Cheats


EU Secret Characters Password (English)

Enter these passwords at the Settings menu to make these secret characters available to be scouted at the Scout menu in the Competition. NOTE : These passwords only work in the English version of the game.

Effect Password
Cadence Soundtown coolrhythm
Giulio Acuto justlikejude
Karl Kappa legendary
Miles Ryan nathanfriend
Paul Peabody markfriend
Phil A. Minion lordzoolan
Syon Blaze axelcousin

Secret Characters

To unlock these secret characters, scout these characters.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Canon Scout Mark (Raimon), (Raimon II), and (Inazuma National)
Feldt (Brainwashing) Scout Feldt (Dark Emperors)
Gazelle (Fire Dragon) Scout Aphrodite (Int’l Allstars)
King (Royal Redux) Scout King (Royal Academy) and (Neo National)
Night (Kirkwood) Scout Night (Dark Emperors)
Samford (Royal Redux) Scout Samford (Royal Academy) and (Neo National)
Shadow (Raimon) Scout Shadow (Dark Emperors)
Stonewall (Royal Redux) Scout Stonewall (Inazuma National)
Torch (Fire Dragon) Scout Aphrodite (Int’l Allstars)