Agent Intercept Cheats and Tips


Agent Intercept Cheats and Tips


Use boost frequently

There’s a nifty little boost button that you can use to get your car really moving. It refills pretty quickly so you can use it several times in a mission. Definitely take advantage, not only because it’s fun to utilize, but it can be very beneficial too. 

For starters, the boost will let you take out enemy vehicles when you bump into them. Turn that boost on and bump the scums a couple of times and boom, fireworks. It really comes in handy, especially if you don’t have any weapons on you at the moment. 

Another thing it’s great for is when you jump off of ramps. There are normally some small maps scattered across the streets. Most of the time, there will be an item of some kind such as weaponry that you grab when jumping. However, using boost gives you the best chance to snatch it up. So definitely take advantage of the boost. 






Shoot as many enemies as possible

OK, so this is something you may be doing already because what gamer doesn’t like to blow things up? Well, Agent Intercept will give you that opportunity with the rockets that you can get when driving. When you get them, start firing away immediately at the nearest enemies. 

You only have three rockets to work with, but nonetheless, go crazy and start blasting away. By doing this, it will contribute to your score so it’s of your best interest to take down the CLAW vehicles. A lot of times, you might be thinking about getting to a certain destination and aren’t thinking about them. 

But, when you see them, definitely try to eliminate them. It can be easy to accidentally ride by them. But taking them out not only helps your score, but it prevents you from taking damage (yes, the cars do shoot). So go ahead and light them up. You’ll love how awesome it looks. 

Work on your swerving

This is more about awareness than anything. When you’re driving, you’ll be seeing quite a few obstacles that you’ll need to steer around. It’s not a big deal if you bump into them, but it can slow you down. Aside from that, there are other things to avoid too. 

Sometimes enemies will plant mines down, so it’s important to pay close attention so you’ll see it coming. A red light will be flashing to let you know that a mine is there. If you hit it, it will take a chunk of your health. Keep those eyes peeled, and it certainly can be tricky when you’re going at a certain pace but do your best. 

You’ll have other things too like helicopters raining bullets down into the street. You need to watch where they fire them and either go to the left, right, or right in between the bullets. In short, you’ll have your share of obstacles to avoid so it’s good to master the art of evasion, young driving master.