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Weird West Cheats and Tips


Keep An Eye On Your Shovel’s Durability

One of the first things you pick up on your journey is a shovel. You can use the tool to dig up graves and bury bodies. Even though it’s a little dark, digging up graves can grant you access to some good loot.

However, take note that your shovel isn’t indestructible. After enough use, the tool will break, meaning you have to find another. You can keep track of how much your shovel has left by looking at its durability level on the inventory screenThe lower the number, the sooner it will break.

Almost Always Use Cover In Firefights

Before one of your first shootouts, the game tells you how to use cover. Yet, the game doesn’t really present itself as a cover shooter. After all, enemies and teammates often run around in the open while fighting. But you should usually avoid joining in on the chaos. Sometimes it’s fine, but often you will lose health very quickly.

It’s typically best to find a rock – or something similar – to hide behind before the shooting begins. Then periodically peak over it to fire at your adversaries.





Save Bandages For Combat

There are a few different ways to heal in The Weird West. You can eat, sleep, or use bandages to regain your health. That last one is the easiest as you just hit one button to bandage yourself up and recover hit points. There are consumable items, though, which is why it’s best if you save them for combat. After all, you can’t exactly cook food or have a nap while being attacked.

If you need to regain health while out of the fray, rent a bed at a saloon or set up a camp in the wild – you can do this by going somewhere that isn’t a defined location on the world map. A camp is always a good option because it allows you to sleep or hunt for food.

Combat-Focused Players Should Always Have A Posse

Early in the game, you get introduced to the posse system. This is where you can recruit two people to serve as your backup. Most of them can be bought from saloons, and some are added during quests.

They vary in sturdiness as some won’t last long in combat. Yet, if you’ve got the money and expect to get into plenty of combat situations, they’re worth having around. Not only will they take some attention away from you, but they get some kills, too. They’re only not worth getting if you’re a stealth player, who avoids shootouts.

Bounties Are A Good Source Of Money

Naturally, things aren’t free in the Weird West. You’ll need to pay for equipment and weapons. But early in the adventure, you won’t have a lot of cash. So, if you want to generate income, you should do some bounties.

The bounty board in Grackle becomes available pretty early into the game. You get more than $100 for collecting each one, and they all play out pretty much the same way. You head to the indicated area, find the target, and kill or capture them. Afterward, return to the Sheriff to collect your reward.