Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files Cheats


Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files Cheats


How to find A Swordsman’s Teachings: Part One

Unlike many other collectibles in Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files, A Swordsman’s Teachings: Part One first comes up during a story mission. This is crucial for those that want to purchase every skill, seeing as it is a prerequisite for the ability Indomitable Spirit: Do or Die. Our guide below shows you how to acquire this book.

Without spoiling too much of the events for those that have yet to encounter it, the opportunity comes up during the second chapter. After a series of events, Kaito ends up visiting Bato Detective Agency in search of clues regarding their new whereabouts. Once inside the building, you’re confined to Kaito’s primal senses as you examine every nook and cranny throughout the room to determine where they moved to.

Switch to Kaito’s primal ear, then interact with the cabinet resting against the wall opposite to the room’s entrance. This is the only interactive cabinet in the room. After opening it, Kaito makes a remark that the device isn’t pertinent to the case. Sitting beside the device that was making the sound, however, is a stack of gift boxes. Switch to Kaito’s primal eye, then interact with the boxes inside the cabinet.

This nets you A Swordsman’s Teachings: Part One, which in turn unlocks the Indomitable Spirit: Do or Die ability. Running you 5,000 SP, this ability passively builds up the EX gauge while Kaito’s health is low. It is found in the abilities tree on the skills screen. If you wind up missing the free story opportunity, A Swordsman’s Teachings: Part One becomes available at Ebisu Pawn after this mission for 50,000 yen.