13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Cheats and Tips


13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Cheats and Tips


General Combat Tips

  • Combat in 13 Sentinels: Aegis RIM switches between real-time and pause. While idling, combat plays out in real-time, but each time your Sentinel uses an attack, time slows to a halt.
  • When a Sentinel is ready to take its next turn, time is stopped and you can select their next action from a menu.
  • Most of your attacks cost EP. In order to replenish your EP, you can Defend until your Sentinel is recharged.
  • If your Sentinel gets damaged, you can opt in to Repair until its HP is replenished.
  • If your Sentinel is destroyed, your pilot is ejected. If the pilot is killed by an enemy, the mission will fail and you will be sent back to the mission menu. The best way to keep your pilot alive is to move them across the map from wherever combat is taking place until they can summon their Sentinel again.
  • You can bring up to six Sentinels into one battle at a time.
  • Avoid letting enemies get too close to the Terminal, which is the focal point of the battle. Enemies will generally not attack city buildings or waste time doing much other destruction on their way here, so it’s worth fortifying the Terminal with Sentry Guns and bipeds.





Brain Overload

  • Each Sentinel can be used in up to two consecutive battles before the pilot experiences Brain Overload.
  • At this point, they cannot be selected to participate in a battle until at least one battle has passed or until you reset the win streak.
  • Upgrading your Sentinel’s Neurolink stat can increase the number of consecutive battles they’re able to fight in before they need to take a break. Check out the Upgrades page for more info.

1st-Gen Sentinel Combat Tips

  • Bring along 1st-Gen (Melee) type Sentinels when you’re fighting heavily-armored ground units.
  • This sentinel type is ground-locked, meaning that you need to follow designated city streets to move it from one location to another.
  • These Sentinels can use heavy-hitting melee attacks such as Rush Attack and Demolisher Blade.
  • These Sentinels are slower and have limited range in their attacks, but they can equip and use the Limiter Removal armament to move more quickly across the battlefield.
  • This type of Sentinel can also move in quickly and use EMP attacks, which are useful at bringing down flying enemies. Note that you can’t attack flying enemies with melee attacks until they’ve been brought down by an EMP.

2nd-Gen Sentinel Combat Tips

  • The 2nd-Gen (All-Rounder) type Sentinels are extremely versatile, but are especially useful when backing up 1st and 3rd-Gen Sentinels at mid-range.
  • This sentinel type is ground-locked, meaning that you need to follow designated city streets to move it from one location to another.
  • Make use of the All-Rounder’s Guardian and Guardian Avenger armaments to divert enemies away from your other Sentinels.
  • Deploy Sentry Guns to add more firepower to your side. These can also take damage and break, and are expensive to deploy onto the field, so make sure you Defend every few rounds to recharge your EP.
  • All-Rounder type Sentinels can also deploy Shield Emitters and Repair Emitters to replenish your own troops mid-battle.

3rd-Gen Sentinel Combat Tips

  • Use the 3rd-Gen (Long-Range) type Sentinels to bombard your foes from across the map.
  • This sentinel type is ground-locked, meaning that you need to follow designated city streets to move it from one location to another.
  • The Main Battery Heavy Railgun and the Main Battery Mega Railgun can devastate enemies in a straight line, and they pierce through armor quite efficiently.
  • Long-Range Missiles are a great tool to blast clusters of enemies right as they spawn in remote locations of the map.
  • Missile Rain can clear a map of many small enemies at once, but are useless against larger, armored foes.
  • Super Large Missile can obliterate armored kaiju, and can even end some of the later battles in only a few rounds. Super Large Missiles are incredibly taxing on your EP, however.
  • The 3rd-Gen’s limited EMP Stunner isn’t quite as robust as the powerful EMP attacks used by 1st-Gen Sentinels, but it can still knock down flying enemies, making them easy to pummel.

4th-Gen Sentinel Combat Tips

  • Use the 4th-Gen (Flight Support) type Sentinels to take out airborne enemies such as Hunters and even Terra Carriers.
  • This Sentinel type comes with incredible air-to-air combat capabilities and can rapidly move across the battlefield with its propellers.
  • Use the Multi-Lock Missiles to take out groups of flying enemies. It’s also useful against ground enemies, but not when they’re armored.
  • Gravity Missiles pull enemies towards a single gravitational point upon impact. They’re useful for gathering bunches of enemies into a single spot so you can blast them all at once, but are also great for slowing enemy movements across the map.
  • Yuki’s powerful Leg Spike ability is fantastic for punching through armor – both in the air and on the ground.
  • The 4th-Gen Sentinels’ Interceptors ability is highly useful, as it summons tiny fighter drones that zoom around the battlefield and fight on your behalf. Deploying lots of Interceptors can turn the tide of battle in your favor, but they drain EP very quickly.