Slipstream Cheats


Slipstream Cheats


How to Go Fast in Quick Race Mode

The Start

Before starting

  • Play on hard! AI cars being faster means that it will be easier to Slipstream off them. 
  • Play with the Lynx. It might start slow, but all of the highest times are made with the Lynx. 

The start of the race

  • Accelerate during the countdown. It will make you accelerate slightly faster. I don’t think there’s any drawbacks for overdoing it. I’m also pretty sure it’s capped, so no need to press on the first frame or anything. 
  • Get other cars to bump into your back, as it will give you a significant boost. They try to avoid you, so it’s kinda hard sometimes though. 
  • Slipstream off anyone in front of you, as much as possible.


Do the Race Thing Idk


  • As the tutorial says, it’s best to press brake for as little time as possible. do a quick tap. And start accelerating again immediatly, obviously. 
  • Drift in every corners, Even if you are going very slow: if you steer for too long in the same direction without drifting you start to lose speed. 
  • You don’t lose speed when drifting. Don’t be afraid to drift through the whole corner. 


  • Slipstream as much as possible. Yeah, I know, thanks captain obvious. 
  • Try to Slipstream in corners by going on the same lane as the car in front of you. Think of it as if the game considered the road to always be straight, even when it isn’t.

Other stuff

  • You don’t have to position yourself in any kind of way before corners. As long as you don’t touch the grass or scenery it will not matter where you are on the road.