Chinatown Detective Agency Cheats


Chinatown Detective Agency Cheats


序章 Prologue

午夜野餐 A picnic at midnight
菩提树 Bodhi Tree/Linden→植物园 (Botanical Garden)
图书馆 Library→“希罗多德”或“历史” (Herodotus or The Histories )
雾都 Ludstown→伦敦 (London)
射击 Shoot→手腕 (wrist)邮票之证 A stamp of approval
第一枚邮票 First stamp→伊斯坦布尔 (Istanbul)
城市 Exact city→Beirut(贝鲁特)
一套的五枚邮票 Five stamps→上海 Shanghai(成都香港应该也可以 Chengdu and Hong Kong may also work)
城市 Exact city→哈尔滨 (Harbin)
两枚全新的邮票 Two stamps→雅典 (Athens)
过程 Reason:搜索邮票建筑Andrinople指向土耳其,邮戳上的四个字母ROUT指向Beyrouth(法语的Beirut),其他邮票过程略。The building Andrinople on the stamp leads to Turkey (thus fly to Istanbul), and the four letters “ROUT” leads to “Beyrouth” which is Beirut in French. The rest are simple. 

晶莹水神秘案件 The curious case of crystal clear
密码 Password→长江 (Changjiang, which is the Yangtze River but my trying of texting Yangtze River failed, not sure if it was because of my language setting)

鲁伯特·周的案件 Case of Rupert Zhou

国王与哲学家 The King and the philosopher
密码 Telegraphy→波利比奥斯方阵 (Polybius Square)
哲学家 The philosopher→第欧根尼,右侧坐在台阶上阅读的老人 (Diogenēs, the old man on the right side, sitting on the steps and reading)
方法 Method:先行后列两两对应字母,如AD对应T,可以寻求美婷帮助。 Use two letters as a coordinate to find the answer, for instance, AD corresponds to “T”. Mei Ting will help you on that.
A, P,L,A,T,O
B, F,I,X,E,R
C, G,R,O,V,E
D, M,I,N,O,S
E, W,H,E,E,L

虎百合的案件 Case of Tiger Lily

珍贵财产 Prized possessions
黄金雕像 Gold statue→伊希斯女神,埃及 (The Goddess Isis, Egypt)
铜像 Bronze statue→笈多时期佛像,印度 (Gupta Dynasty, India)
匕首 Knife→ 阿兹特克祭祀刀,墨西哥 (Aztec Ceremonial Knife, Mexico) 

基兰利耶尔的案件 Case of Keeran Lyer

装入瓶中 Bottled up
选酒 Wine→莫雷·圣丹尼2026 (Morey St Denis 2026)