Who are the best midfielders in Premier League history?


Who are the best midfielders in Premier League history?

England has been a football hub for the longest time due to the Premier League and the quality of their players. Their top-flight league has attracted loads of players from all around the world including international midfielders. 

Established in 1992, the Prem has three decades of masterful teams and players in its history. The midfield is probably the most contested position in the history of the Prem because there have been amazing stars who have played in the English top-flight. 

In the current era of the Prem, you can see players who have truly affected the patterns in the best place for Bitcoin betting. We can look at the current crop of midfielders like Kevin de Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes but they do not have the résumé of the legendary stars just yet. 

Here are some of the best midfielders who have played in the Prem over the last 30 years. 

Steven Gerrard

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is widely regarded as one of the best players to perform in the Prem. He is arguably the biggest name to ever play for the Reds since he is the proper representative of the city. Gerrard grew up in Liverpool and he became arguably the best to ever don the red kit. 

He did not have a trophy-laden career in the Prem but you can look at his overall accolades and you can see that he still led the team to multiple victories. 

Gerrard was such an amazing player because he was always in control of what was happening on the pitch. You can tell that he had fingerprints all over the pitch because he was a stellar offensive player but he also knew how to communicate well on defence which led to sustained success for almost two decades. 

Frank Lampard

As arguably the most prolific player in Chelsea FC history, Frank Lampard is a name that has received plaudits over the years. He is mainly known for how he became one of the best goal-scorers in Prem’s history while playing in the midfield. It is a tough task because most people will gravitate towards strikers and wingers but Lampard was a top scorer as a midfielder.

Lampard played for multiple clubs but most football fans will know him for his time with the Blues. He is arguably the best midfielder to play in the Prem because he innovated the role and he also led his club to multiple trophies in the Prem, UCL, and other domestic leagues.

David Silva

In the 2010s, Manchester City started as one of the top contenders and they ended the decade as the most dominant team of the decade. There were two constant pieces throughout that decade for Man City with the first being striker Sergio Agüero. However, Kun was not the only star on the team who lasted for a decade because he was joined by midfield maestro David Silva. 

As an agile player, Silva is known for his first touch and dribbling skills. He was a stellar player in the Prem because he managed to dictate the pace and empower his teammates to keep playing hard even if the pace is slower than most. Silva is the type of player that any coach would want because he does everything required from a midfielder and even exceeds that. 

Patrick Vieira

As the driving force of Arsenal’s 2000s squad, Patrick Vieira is known as one of the pioneers of the midfield position in the Prem. He was one of the most tenacious players to grace the Prem because he was always aggressive no matter what side he was playing. He will be helpful on offence with his tenacity and on defence, and he was relentless with how he could press and keep up with the speedy players.

His reliability was such a huge factor for Arsenal as they managed to go on an unbeaten run for the 2003-04 season. 

Paul Scholes

Manchester United has had top-tier midfielders like Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, and many more. However, Paul Scholes is arguably the best midfielder in the club’s history with how he was overall the best and most talented. He is amazing in all areas of the game because he can pass the ball, score goals, and even defend. 

If you want a complete footballer, you should look at Scholes because not only was he a stellar player, but he was a solid teammate as well. His fellow Man United stars loved how he played the game and it was infectious because his teammates also played at a similar level as him.

Those were just a few of the best midfielders that have graced the Prem stage. If you want to know more about midfielders who can truly affect the markets at the best place for Bitcoin betting, you should check out the current crop of midfielders who are tearing it up.