Little King's Story Cheats


Little King’s Story Cheats


Art Piece Rewards

Ginger’s 100 pieces of art are scattered across the world, and he’ll reward you each time you hit a certain amount.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Furry Kilt 010 Art Pieces
Hand Cooler x3 025 Art Pieces
Hand Warmer x3 055 Art Pieces
Health Undies 020 Art Pieces
Legendary Armor 100 Art Pieces
Legendary Dress 070 Art Pieces
Pancho Poncho 040 Art Pieces
Paperweight x3 085 Art Pieces
Toy Sword, Toy Spear and Toy Bow 005 Art Pieces
Viper Sticker, Sterile Undies x2 015 Art Pieces


Table Tennis Items

After you get the first three princesses your castle will be upgraded again. At this point it will include a table tennis table in the basement area. Examine it and it will ask you if you want to play. Each difficulty you beat your opponent on unlocks a different item. Also each difficulty you beat unlocks the next difficulty.
Unlockable How to Unlock
“Amateur” Difficulty Beat “Rookie” difficulty
“Pro” Difficulty Beat “Amateur” difficulty
“World Pro” Difficulty Beat “Pro” Difficulty
Bamboo Sword Beat “Amateur” Difficulty
Dried Squid Beat “Pro” Difficulty
Legendary Undies Beat “World Pro” Difficulty
Newest Televideo Beat “Rookie” Difficulty