Chernobylite Cheats and Tips


Chernobylite Cheats and Tips


Build A Stove

Micro-management of resources is a huge part of Chernobylite, and so is crafting. Players must also cook their food if they wish to survive in the mutated landscape of the game. In all these scenarios, the common element is the stove. The makeshift stove will let the players craft Salts and cook their food to replenish their health.

The player’s headquarters cannot get better until and unless there’s a Stove to manage minute aspects of the resources that have been gathered. For example, players can use the Stove to craft the Anti-radiation Ointment to protect themselves from the harmful radiation found in certain areas of the game.

Understanding The Base

The base of operations in Chernobylite allows the player to prepare before they conduct a Heist, which is quite different for a horror FPS. Players have to manage resources to better their base as they keep progressing through the game. If they don’t upgrade certain aspects of the base, progressing further in the game becomes fairly difficult.

Players have to monitor aspects such as quality of air, protection from radiation, the comfort of life, and power levels. If any of these go in the red status, certain aspects of the base will be cut off from use. For instance, the Power going to the red end of the spectrum would mean that players won’t be able to use the workbench to craft items.





Utilize Free Play

Chernobylite is a punishing game in its own right. Progress is slow, and players need to make a substantial effort to understand the game’s steep learning curve. However, there is an option for Free Play in the main menu that can help players get a basic understanding of the game.

They can explore areas, set random events in the game, and change the weather. This will give them a basic idea about how the mechanics of Chernobylite work and how the stereotypical Russian crew of the player character works together to survive the wildlands of a post-Chernobyl incident nightmare.

Growing Food

The stats that are shown at the base of operations don’t reflect one important aspect of the gameplay: food. Since Chernobylite is a survival horror FPS game and does lean quite strongly on the survival aspect of the gameplay, players have to manage food as a resource. The members of the player’s crew have to be fed regularly to be kept both healthy and happy.

Going without food for extended periods of time will lead to disgruntled crew members, and will also make them suffer – leading to lower health and Psyche. Players can grow their food at the base, or they can go out on expeditions and find resources for cooking.

Using The Environment Analyzer

There are lots to explore in the world crafted in Chernobylite. The game world is strewn with abandoned outposts, buildings, desolate areas, and pockets of radiation. Since a lot of these areas can and will house unforeseen danger, the player’s best tool to navigate the open world of Chernobylite is to use the Environment Analyzer.

This device will show enemies, items for loot, and mission directions to the player, helping the player and their companions avoid danger as much as possible. There’s also a Geiger counter built with the device so that it shows heavily irradiated areas to the player, allowing them to bypass environmental dangers.