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Lake Cheats and Tips


Delivering The Mail

The whole plot begins when Meredith returns to her childhood hometown, Providence Oaks, to fill in for your father as the local mailman, or rather now mailwoman. This is a stark contrast to the corporate-centered job we see Meredith within the beginning and really sets the stage for this being a hallmark movie-turned video game.

You will spend a good portion of your time delivering mail and packages to the various residents of Providence Oaks. In between stuffing mailboxes and grabbing packages you get to meet characters around the town. Some may find this part of the game monotonous and the camera angles are a little awkward, but there are no time limits or any special point system keeping track of you. You simply deliver mail to people. And try to keep a close eye on what you deliver since someone’s mail can tell you a lot about them.

Safety Conscious Driving

Since you are now a temporary employee of the postal service, you are now entrusted with your father’s handy mail truck. But, you may be disappointed to find that the game doesn’t allow you to street race around on Main Street.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto, it is basically impossible to crash your car into anyone or anything, Vehicles will stop behind you and will remain stopped to your move, and even if you do manage to hit something with your truck, there won’t even be a scratch on the hood. This makes sense since the game was designed to be cozy rather than for thrills. It’s probably a good thing you can’t damage the truck anyway since the local mechanic would be very angry with you.





Major 80s Nostalgia

As the game is set in September of 1986, the 80s nostalgia is practically everywhere in the game design. Cars, clothing, even the buildings all are designed to fit the time period. This is a nice feature as it gives the game an even more cozy atmosphere as you immerse yourself into the past.

Providence Oaks even has its own VHS rental store with all the 80s classics like Back to the Future. The vintage technology adds its own layer of nostalgia and creates an environment where you can really feel the small-town atmosphere the game was trying to create.

Get Ready For Conversation

Other than delivering the mail, the game slowly introduces a nice ensemble cast of side characters all with their own stories, relationships, and many you have known since childhood to fully flesh out the town and make it come to life. But, if you really aren’t into character dialogue and just chatting with NPC’s then you probably shouldn’t play Lake as that is another big chunk of what you will be doing with your time.

You are in control of who you want to further cultivate relationships or not with, and you can slowly become more and more important to these characters. There’s the ever scattered brain Mrs. Jenkins whose cats probably outnumber the total number of people in Providence Oaks and Kay your childhood best friend that you haven’t seen in 22 years. Sometimes the dialogue can be a tad clunky, but the overall story outweighs any awkward conversations you may encounter from time to time.