MotoGP 22 Cheats and Tips


MotoGP 22 Cheats and Tips


Starting Slow & Ending Fast

When you enter a race, try to find the balance between accelerating and braking. Knowing when to accelerate and break is the key point to holding your speed and passing opponents.

Breaking in front of a curve can help you balance your bike and allow you to exit the curvature smoothly by accelerating.






A bike with two wheels can lean at a pretty tight angle on the race track that can allow you to go through opponents and sharp turns easily.

When the leaning mechanic is combined with the breaking mechanic, you will be able to break at a certain angle, keep balance on the bike while turning, and still be able to accelerate much quicker.

Setting up your Bike

Setting up your bike for the perfect possibilities that you can manage is the best way to win the game. Balancing out the numbers that your bike can push will help you master the technique of racing.

You have different variations to choose from depending on your liking. They can be:

  • Changing Tires
  • Suspension
  • Steering Adjustment
  • Gear Ratio
  • Brake System
  • ECU