Revita Cheats and Tips


Revita Cheats and Tips


Souls Can Disappear

Souls are one of this game’s currencies. Once an enemy dies, they will release their soul to be collected. Collecting them will charge a meter and players will start with two bars. This can be increased in various ways in a dungeon. Certain relics can do this, for example.

Using one charge will heal part of the player’s health. It’s important to note that souls can disappear. Sometimes a curse will make them disappear even faster. Basically, don’t waste souls.

When To Open Cursed Chests

A giant purple chest will appear right before the boss room on every floor of the dungeon. These chests are cursed. Players will get a good item out of them, but it will come at a cost. Sometimes curses won’t be that bad; other times, they can be detrimental like draining health as long as an enemy is onscreen which is a big crutch in a boss battle.

Don’t open these chests unless on the verge of death. If it looks like you won’t survive the boss encounter anyway, take a gamble. Things may surprisingly turn out for the better.

Predicting Enemy Movements

Every enemy in Revita has a tell when they are about to act. It may take some practice, but learning them will become second nature in due time. This is a roguelike after all and the whole idea behind them is like being stuck in a time loop.

Revita‘s trickier enemies are the bosses, which is true for most games. It’s also a good idea to note that the player can cling to walls. Don’t forget to use walls as an advantage in battle.

Don’t Go For Those Extra Hearts

Hearts are another currency in Revita along with being the player’s health. The aforementioned charges can be used to heal and they can also make new hearts if health is full. The more hearts players have, the stronger they will become.

However, it takes four charges to make a new heart. Since players have to be in full health every time to make a new heart, it may not be worth using that many charges. It might be a better idea to keep the meters charged so that players can heal whenever they want. Like the cursed chests, it’s a real gamble. Luck is a big part of roguelikes.

Look Out For Secret Walls

Players may not discover this until they do it by accident: sometimes rooms can have secret walls on either side. It’s easy to tell when a wall can be destroyed if it blinks with one hit. Keep shooting and it should fall. Bigger weapons, like the rocket launcher, should destroy these walls in a single hit.

It may feel monotonous to test every wall before taking the elevator out of a room, however, it is worth the time investment. The more items players can gather in a run, the better and these secret rooms usually have good loot.