Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril Cheats


Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril Cheats


  1. Invincibility Bug (Only works on Ver. 1.000)

    To activate this, touch any power-up while pausing at the same time. You’ll be able to move while the game is “paused” and will be invincible for the rest of the game.

  2. Final Boss Password

    Enter the password “S4TAFVDE” (without the quotes) at the title screen to get as near to the final boss as possible with all items in your inventory, all keys, and all bosses through Zedd noted as being beaten.

  3. Easy Beginner Password

    Enter the password “BLRSFTHG” (without the quotes) from the title screen’s password menu. In doing so, you will begin the game in room (01,12) – the earliest continue point – with all five items of the inventory and all four keys, but almost no progress made in the game, thusly making gameplay easier than normally intended.

  4. Secret Passwords (v2.000, Battle Kid: Dangerous Trap)

    These passwords are unique to version 2.000, the Famicom release of the game which is also known as Battle Kid: Dangerous Trap.

    They’re acquired by beating the game on various difficulty levels, from very easy to unfair. Beating a harder difficulty will also reveal all of the passwords that can be earned from beating easier difficulty settings.

    Note: As should be obvious due to their length, these passwords WILL NOT work in v1.x00 versions of the game. However, what’s less obvious is that passwords from v1.x00 will not work in this version.

    BOSSARENA! Boss Rush
    #DEV!?VED. Debug Mode
    GOLDENFORT Special Stage 1
    LIFTLUNACY Special Stage 2
    THE33ZONES Special Stage 3

  5. Secret Passwords

    Normally, these passwords are shown to you after beating the game on specific difficulties, but they work regardless.

    CHAMPION Boss Rush Mode
    IAMHAX0R Developers Config Menu
    PETUNIAX Secret Challenge Area
    BK1MUSIC Sound Test Menu
    SGCLEVEL Special Stage