Arise: A Simple Story Definitive Edition Cheats and Tips


Arise: A Simple Story Definitive Edition Cheats and Tips


Get Familiar With Time Manipulation

Prior to starting each level, it’s important to become familiar with the mechanics. Each level presents a unique feature dealing with time manipulation.

For example, in the first level, She, you will be able to raise the water level and melt snow. In the second level, you will use time manipulation to move insects and flowers as the sun moves across the sky. Instead of diving right in, take a minute to manipulate time so you can fully understand what you will be doing.

Don’t Forget To Pause

In addition to manipulating time, you can pause it. This feature is important, especially if you are dealing with a section that requires precise timing.

Rather than repeatedly turning back time, you can pause and slowly rewind and keep time paused while you make your way through the obstacles.





Find The Perfect Timing

This tip goes hand-in-hand with becoming familiar with the game’s mechanics. If you become stuck at a certain section of a level, be sure to manipulate time in both directions. Doing so may cause a once-hidden object to appear.

For example, if you are stuck on a ledge with no way across to the other side, manipulating time may allow you to see a rock that fell. You can then suspend time and jump onto this rock to get to the other side.

Take In The Scenery

It’s no secret that Arise: A Simple Story is a beautiful game. Each level is stunning with music to match. It may be tempting to run through quickly, but be sure to take a moment to explore the area.

While exploring and taking in the scenery, you may find little details, such as stone statues, that add to the story.

Search For Memories

Memories are collectible objects present in each level. In general, memories require some extra exploring to find, but collecting them is optional.

Although you don’t need to get all the memories, they provide some extra insight into the story. Memories are presented like little doodles on paper, bringing in some details to the main character’s life.

Play With A Friend

Arise: A Simple Story can be played with up to two people, allowing you to experience this journey with a friend.

Co-op mode is available from the start, meaning that you do not have to complete any additional tasks to unlock it. While in multiplayer mode, one person will control time, while the other controls movement. This allows both of you to work together.

If you no longer wish to play with someone else, you can end co-op and switch to singleplayer mode without starting over.