Rogue Legacy 2 Cheats and Tips


Rogue Legacy 2 Cheats and Tips

There Are Assist Options

Assist features in games are getting more common, so, Rogue Legacy 2 joined the train via their House Rules menu. Enemy power and defense can be lowered down to 50% or raised up to 200%. Contact damage can also be lowered for some enemies.

While aiming, with a bow or a revolver, for example, time will slow down slightly. This can be reduced down to 25% at max. One of the coolest additions is the ability to fly which should help bypass a majority of obstacles like traps. Check these out if the game is getting too frustrating.

Expand The Castle

Players level up using their castle as a makeshift skill tree. While it may seem like a good idea to focus on stat boosters, like health upgrades, it is more important to expand the castle first. Try to fill in the blanks as soon as possible.

It would take too long to go through the greater details of this RPG-like system. That’s why the easiest tip to dish out here is to just expand. There could be something cool around the next corner like a new class or ability. Don’t forget to save some money for equipment and Rune upgrades as well.






Base Your Run On Class And Traits

One of the biggest renovations Rogue Legacy 2 made over the original was to its classes. Each class will be good in certain situations. Plus, they each start with different weapons other than swords. The Chef, for example, uses a frying pan which is often accompanied by a skill that lights enemies on fire. The Chef can also heal as part of its class special.

The stats are average, making the Chef an ideal class to explore the castle with. Any strong character like that is good for exploring. The overall tip here is to look at the stats of a class before jumping into the dungeons. Here is another example. If a class has an innate ability to know the map ahead of time, make a b-line toward chests. With practice, everything should become second nature quickly in this roguelike.

Cross Out ??? Marks

This will be a similar tip to expanding out the castle. Players will come across a lot of question marks on their journey. For example, Relics can be found on runs. Relics grant special powers like the ability to defy death. The first time they are found, their description will be withheld.

However, once an item is seen, it will remain known for the rest of Rogue Legacy 2. Class traits and weapons can also have question marks on them. The basic goal of this roguelike is to uncover every secret as soon as possible even if that doesn’t correlate to beating the game. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Also, variety is the spice of life.

Go For Gold Boosts

When players die they will have a choice to start again as one of three new offspring. Their classes and abilities vary, but there is another factor that will eventually unlock. Sometimes these children will be bestowed with gold bonuses. The most common one is a 25% boost on gold acquisition. If a monster coin is usually worth ten, then a boost on that would raise it to about twelve or thirteen.

If players wish to expand their castle as quickly as possible then it is a good idea to grab one of these golden children. There are two other wild currencies in the game worth mentioning in the form of Ore and Aether. Unlike how remaining gold has to be given over to Charon, these currencies don’t. So, don’t worry about spending them right away.