Kaiju Wars Cheats and Tips


Kaiju Wars Cheats and Tips


1. Focus On Science

Earning enough breakthrough stars is the ultimate win condition in every mission. As a result, science production and the ability to earn these stars are vital to your success in Kaiju Wars.

Though you can earn a breakthrough star by defeating a kaiju, this won’t be possible in every mission due to their massive health pools, healing abilities, and other effects that may hinder your ability to deal damage. As such, we recommend that for science you focus on establishing a solid science production infrastructure with structures, such as labs and offices, and researchers that will ensure you earn victory stars at a steady rate, barring any kaiju’s mucking things up.

2. Spend Your Medals

Kaiju Wars includes a minor meta game progression system, where depending on the player’s performance and completion of optional objectives, you’ll earn medals. These medals can be spent on upgrading the stats of ace units, special units, recruiting new researchers, or even unlocking additional slots for researcher deployment.

There’s little reason to horde your medals, as it’s vital to ensure the strength of your units levels up at a steady rate to keep up with the increasing difficulty across the game’s six acts worth of missions. It may make sense to hold onto your medals to buy researcher slots, which cost 15 medals, but generally, unit upgrades for damage and speed are cheap at one medal and three medals respectively. It’s important to note that unit stats can only be upgraded once, so there’s no possibility of rolling with an ace tank with a ground rating of 10.





3. Speed Is Key

On the topic of speed, speed is a vital stat for all units, regardless of their role, as it allows you to approach the concept of positioning (more on that later) more flexibly. Kaiju themselves are quite speedy and their speed rating will vary based on the damage they take and the healing abilities that they activate. It’s quite worthwhile investing in the speed stat for your aces and activating speed buffing projects at the right time can mean you’re able to adequately respond to a surprise appearance of a kaiju or establish a defensive line to slow down a rampaging one.

4. Choose The Right Researcher

Researchers are an incredibly valuable asset as they can significantly improve your science production if utilized properly. Most researchers have specific conditions, usually associated with terrain or specific projects that give you additional science.

Before starting a mission, observe the mission terrain to the best of your ability. Based on the mission layout, the terrain, the placement of buildings, and free foundations, make sure to choose the researcher that will benefit you the most in producing science.

5. Activate Special Unit Projects

Unlike basic units, special units don’t need money to deploy and instead require a set amount of time in production at a lab before heading towards the fight. The prep time of a special unit is essentially a delay timer before using the given unit.

There are of course projects that you can use to reduce the prep timer, but the best way to manage prep time is to activate special unit projects as soon as possible so that your labs can get straight to work on preparing special units. You’ll usually have at least a few turns before the kaiju start appearing and causing substantial collateral damage, so get those powerful units early to minimize the monster’s effect on your resources.