Nintendo Switch Sports Cheats and Tips


Nintendo Switch Sports Cheats and Tips



While it’s obviously important to learn the timing for the standard moves in volleyball (each time you touch the ball, basically), blocking is arguably an even more important skill to learn.

If you can pull off a successful block, it doesn’t give your opponents a lot of time to recover, meaning you may have a better chance of winning a point.

When you’re defending and your player is at the net, get in the habit of standing in front of your opponent using left and right on the Control Stick, and flicking the Joy-Con upwards at the same time as your opponent jumps for a spike.

If you position yourself right in front of them, there’s a decent chance the spike will bounce off you and fall on their side of the net.

If you miss the block it doesn’t matter because the spike will be heading to your partner at the back of the court anyway, so you may as well get in the habit of jumping to block every single time you’re at the net.






As in real life, success in badminton is all about forcing your opponent to move sideways and back and forth on the court to try and force them into making a mistake.

If you continue to play the same strokes, it’s unlikely you’ll do too well (especially against the hardest difficulty AI opponent).

Instead, get in the habit of mixing up your strokes, both in terms of the direction you’re swinging and whether they’re going to the front or back of the court.

For example, start off with a drop shot to the left side of the court by holding ZR and swinging your Joy-Con left. This will drop the shuttlecock just over the net and will force your opponent to the front.

Then, when your opponent returns it, swing the Joy-Con to the right (without pressing ZR) to play a deep stroke to the back-right of the court. This forces them to head right to the opposite side. Then, when they return that, play another drop shot to the front again.

Keep them running by sending them to opposite directions and opposite ends of the court like this – before long they will stumble to hit a shot that’s just out of reach, exposing them for an easy smash.


Anyone who knows their bowling knows that throwing the ball straight down the middle of the line will almost never result in a strike.

Instead, you’re more likely to end up with a split, where the pins at the back corners are left standing and are almost impossible to knock down with your second throw.

Instead, positioning your throw slightly to the left or right of the pins will give you a better chance at a strike.

You have an even better chance if your balls is curving as it hits the pins. If you twist your wrist slightly as you throw, this will add curve to the ball.

If you can’t get the hang of twisting your wrist, you can also use the Y and A buttons while lining up your shot to turn around slightly, letting you throw the ball at an angle.

If you can master throwing a slightly angled shot that curves into the front pin, you’ve got a good chance of getting a strike.


One of the best things about the football game is that you have some control over what types of shot you can hit at the goal – low shots, lobs or kicks to the side.

One thing to note is that the goal is extremely high. It’s so high, in fact, that if a player jumps they can’t reach the top of it.

You can take advantage of this by making sure that any time you shoot at goal you hit lobs by flicking the Joy-Con upwards.

If your shot is hit strong enough and from the right distance out, the arc may be so high that it will be difficult for an opponent to jump up and reach the ball, making goals easier to score.

This works even better if the ball is mid-air, so practice jumping with B then flicking up to hit mid-air volleyed lobs, which have extremely high arcs.

After hitting your shot, be sure to also position yourself for a potential rebound. Often when a player clears a ball away from the goal, they’re too busy breathing a sigh of relief to realise that you’re following up with the rebound shot. Continued pressure is the best way to force an error.


If you aren’t familiar with the original tennis game in Wii Sports, you may be confused that badminton’s strokes feel so accurate but your strokes in tennis sometimes go in completely different directions to what you expected.

That’s because tennis controls differently to badminton. Whereas badminton lets you accurately aim your strokes by swiping the Joy-Con left or right, tennis instead is based on timing.

If you’re right-handed, when the ball approaches you can make it go to the left by swinging a little earlier than normal.

Naturally, this also means you can make it go to the right by swinging a little later than you usually would.

If you’re left-handed, the opposite is true: swinging early makes the ball go right and swinging late makes it go left.