Dorfromantik Cheats and Tips


Dorfromantik Cheats and Tips


Getting Started In Dorfromantik

Plan Ahead

  • Players may start with a blank grassy hexagon, but it will quickly expand into a sprawling landscape so long as they don’t run out of tiles to place. Creating different ‘zones’ of biomes like forests or farmlands will help provide areas where new tiles will fit comfortably, but there’s no need to rush their placement. Take as much time as needed to think about where each hexagon fits best, and prepare areas for future tiles to be placed.

Make Room for Rivers and Train Tracks

  • River and train track tiles are unique in that other tiles cannot be placed in a way that impedes their path; only river or train tiles that properly line up can be placed there. Both of these ‘path’ tiles must go on forever unless players receive a specific end tile from the pile. Because of these mechanics, hexagons placed near rivers and train lines might accidentally block them in and prevent them from growing any further. Leave plenty of room to expand these types of tiles, because there’s no guarantee the RNG of the pile will provide the player with the exact curvature they need.

All Corners Count

  • Matching two of the same hexagon corners together raises the score, but one match alone won’t be enough. More than one side of each tile has a specific ‘biome’ type, whether it be forest or farm. Ensuring all sides connect with their appropriate theme is how players earn ‘perfect’ tiles, which rewards them with more tiles to place. Lining up the corners correctly will help players grow their own personal countryside landscape with Dorfromantik‘s stunning art style.




Expand Gradually, Not Immediately

  • While making a sprawling scenic landscape is a part of Dorfromantik’s charm, reaching as far out as possible may lead to a quick game over. 40 tiles might seem like a lot to work with at the start, but without careful planning, they’ll be gone in no time. To ensure players consistently get more tiles, more ‘perfect’ tiles must be achieved, and in turn, more tiles will be added to the pile as a reward.

Look Out for Quests

  • While making a perfect fit tile will reward another tile for the stack, the quickest way to earn more tiles is by completing quests. For example, number quests are signified by a sign appearing above a certain area. They’re completed by providing a specified number of terrain features, like trees, in that location.  Failing a quest won’t lower the player’s score in any way, nor is it mandatory to complete quests, but doing so will ensure the run lasts longer thanks to the tile rewards.