The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Cheats and Tips

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Cheats and Tips

Set Time

When you first start the game, you have to set the timer. You can set any timer you want to start the game.


The first tip that we give to the players is to actually explore the game and interact with the things that they can. This will surprise you in many ways and you’ll actually enjoy your time. Because this game is all about exploring.

Left Door & Right Door

While playing the game, you come to a place where are two doors and you have to go through one of them. You can choose any door. These doors contain the main content of the game as they both lead to different locations that you can discover.


There is a narrator in the game who will be speaking throughout the game. He can crack some jokes here and there as well as he would try to tell you what you should do or what you should not do. The narrator adds some funny moments in the game. But our advice would be that you don’t have to follow the voice of the narrator.


This game is all about finding the endings. There are more than 20 endings to this game. If you ended the game in under 10 minutes then don’t worry you can restart the game. Set the timer again and start finding another end to it. The tip to finding endings is that some endings require the same route and decisions of the previous ending that you did.






If you are stuck and nothing comes to mind then you can restart the game as well. This will reset some things and you’ll start from the beginning but the tip here is that you can unlock new content by resetting the game several times. Some endings of the game also require resetting at some point.


Setting the Time

The first two times you boot the game, you’re asked to set the clock. Don’t be lazy. Set the clock.

After the second time, the game commends you for actually taking the time to set the clock instead of just leaving it at the default. It then tells you to set it to your favorite time as a reward next time you open the game.

On the third time, after setting the clock, it asks if you set it to your favorite time or just couldn’t resist setting it accurately again. It then gives you a slider to assess how accurate the time was.

On the fourth time, the game will give you a bunch of fun sliders and yes/no questions as a reward! Yay!

The Broom Closet

At the 2 doors, take the door on the left. After exiting the meeting room, enter into the broom closet.


The narrator will eventually wait for a new player to take over from you because he thinks you’re dead. After this happens, you will want to leave the room and go back in.

The next time you restart, the broom closet will be boarded up.

With the Bucket

Not gonna spoil this one, it’s too much fun. But I’ll just say it involves stickers.