Mega Man 10 Cheats


Mega Man 10 Cheats



Meet the conditions below to meet the requirements needed for the named challenge.(Note that this refers to the Challenges on Page 2: the 88 on Page 1 of the menu are those you can accept from the menu and go immediately into a specialized situation for the challenge. These must also be completed during the main story mode.)

Unlockable How to Unlock
Blue Bomber Beat the game in less than one hour
Destroyer Defeat 1,000 enemies
Hard Rock Reach the boss room of a stage without being damaged on the way
Headbanging Defeat all Robot Masters as a helmetless MegaMan
Invincible Beat the game without losing any lives
Mr. Perfect Beat the game without taking damage even one time
No Coffee Break Beat the game without the usage of any kind of Tank (Energy, Weapon, or Mystery)
Superhero Beat the game on Hard difficulty
Tenacious Beat the game without being forced to continue from a Game Over
Trusty Sidearm Defeat all Robot Masters without the use of special weapons (just your Mega Buster)
Whomp Wily! Beat the game one time
World Warrior Defeat one of all kinds of enemies


Unlock Challenges

There are two challenge types. Type 1 are like mini-stages or boss battles and are accessed from the Challenge Menu. Type 2 are like Xbox’s Achievements and don’t need to be unlocked to do them. Type 1 boss and miniboss challenges generally require reaching the corresponding boss on the corresponding difficulty mode (the challenge is unlocked when you reach the boss, not when you kill it).
Unlockable How to Unlock
Easy boss challenges Reach the boss on Easy Mode
Easy miniboss challenges Reach the miniboss on Easy or Normal Mode
Hard boss challenges Reach the boss on Hard Mode
Hard miniboss challenges Reach the miniboss on Hard Mode
Normal boss challenges Reach the boss on Normal Mode
Normal minboss challenges Reach the miniboss on Normal Mode

Unlock Hard Mode

Beat the game or stage to unlock the specific weapon, item, or mode.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Hard Mode Beat the game on Normal