Loot River Cheats


Loot River Cheats


How to Escape the Sunken Village in under two minutes in Loot River

Loot River is straka.studio’s first title, and it combines roguelike action with procderally-generated labyrinths. This means each time you dive into the game, you will experience different levels. Upon escaping the Sunken Village for the first time, you find a note challenging you to escape in under two minutes for a reward.

The Sunken Village is the first area in Loot River, and if you escape it under two minutes by taking the elevator platform, you will receive a reward. We have gathered some tips below to help you escape the Sunken Village in Loot River in under two minutes:

  • Keep moving and ignore all enemies, if you can.
  • Look ahead at the mini-map, especially for thin corridors.
  • Move the tiles quickly, but don’t accidentally block the path forward.
  • Don’t forget you can dash to avoid enemies and clear small gaps.

What is the boon for Escaping the Sunken Village in Loot River?

Upon escaping the Sunken Village in Loot River in under two minutes, we were rewarded with sixteen Knowledge. This is a resource you can use to purchase new weapons in the Sanctuary. As Knowledge can be hard to gain, this boon will come in handy. You will also get the Fast Track achievement.